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Most of us follow a diet that lacks certain vital nutrients which are required by body to function optimally; including recuperative processes. Sometimes, we spend great deal of money on meals that in long run lacks the necessary ingredients in balanced proportion for the body to function.

The Six Chain of Life

It is obvious, that to obtain optimal health, a balanced diet is imperative which necessarily translates to feeding the body at cellular level. We are as healthy as the cells in our body. When our cells are in top form and bristling with health, it definitely reflects on the body. In this wise, our nutritional life chain (six chain of life) lays out what we need to balance our diets as follows: Vitamins, Mineral, Protein, Carbohydrates, Enzymes, Lipids and sterols. These six links are very vital to maintaining health and sustaining life. But unfortunately, only about 2% world wide consumes a well balanced diet, meaning therefore the vast majority of people have deficiency of one or more of these nutrients in their daily diet, making supplement an absolute must.

Why We Must Take Food Supplements
1. infrequent meals and the increasing use of fast foods.
2. Refining and processing removes a large amount of nutrients, at the same time,
preservatives, colourants and flavourants added are dangerous to health.
3. Too much carbohydrates - unbalanced diet.
4. The soil has been depleted of trace elements and farmers use chemicals, fertilizers
and pesticides which deplete valuable nutrients in fruits and vegetables.
5. Storage and freezing depletes nutritrients content.
6. Cooking methods destroy a large portion of nutrients.
7. Fruit and vegetables do not reach us fresh
8. The use of aluminum cooking utensils deplete the food from valuable nutrients and is
the major cause of Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.
9. Chlorine in our drinking water.
10.Smoking and Alcohol deplete the body of valuable nutrients
11.Inhaling of pollution and gasses or working in industrial areas.
12.Too much refined foods - lack of fibre.
13.White sugar depletes the body from essential vitamins.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that obtaining the required nutrients for optimal health from our diets these days is improbable. Further more, with economic difficulties experienced world wide, majority of people have had to cut down on their diets ''to make ends meet''. However, life must go on, and to maintain good health that sustains life, It makes good reasoning to supplement our diet for there is no other way out in striking a balance between our diet and the supply of vital nutrients to the body. It should be noted that when the body is not getting the required nutrients from our diet and equally no supplementation, the immune system becomes negatively influenced, and when the immune system is down, it opens the body for various attacks and resulting sickness. Now is the time to give due consideration to this very important health issue and act accordingly. The excuse by some that there is not much to spare is not tenable, for we end up spending even more when sickness comes calling.

Source: Health is your greatest wealth
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What great tips and information. I've learned a lot from reading this. Thanks.

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Thanks for reading the piece.

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