Our Duty To Life

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To become alive, we must be, do and have in a way that is alive. Bettering ourselves is the most powerful thing we can do in life.

What it all comes down to.

In life, I have a quote that sums up my philosophy: "What I want for myself, I want for everyone." Samuel "Golden Rule" Jones said that in the nineteenth century. To benefit in an intiatory way, and give service and benefit is the highest purpose and goal in life and existence. All else does not count in any way. To win is to do what needs to be done and wants to be done in a rational way that benefits everyone including yourself.

To be a friend to yourself is to always think with benefit in mind, and not harm, especially harm intiiated by yourself. Service is the most powerful reality there is and benefitting everyone including yourself is the most strong thing you can do. When you steal and cheat, you are only stealing and cheating from yourself. When you do the work honestly and well,you are benefitting yourself in the ultimate sense.

The only meaning in life there is really, is the meaning you give life through your rational and honest actions. Realisitic work, not so much hard work is what rational and honest actions come down to.

The better we get at life, the better life gets.

You know, I can scream on the page that "like attracts like" to the rooftops, and nobody would really listen. But, I will say this meaningful tidbit though: Reality is an individual proposition. Indeed, no matter what we say or do, we did make the conscious choice to be here in it if we are fully conscious.

Indeed, the title of this section is "the better we get at life, the better life gets", and if we do badly and cheat our way through life or take the easy way out without experiencing the "bad parts" that make for better efforts and help us learn genuinely, then we are cheating ourselves. If it is only "good parts", we cannot learn upwards, we can only move sideways or down. We are all only at our best when we have something to strive for genuinely. I am not just writing about goals we make up to strive for, I am writing about those deep desires that make life worthwhile no matter what we temporarily have to go through in a "bad" way to get those genuinely good things and situations. I put the word "bad" in quotes because logically when you have a genuine goal that is worth chasing, there are not any bad parts. There is just the price of the goal and the fact that you have to get busy paying that price before you benefit from the goal you genuinely want and in this goal, cheating or taking short cuts will not suffice.

So, I will tell the most shocking and factually realistic honest truth here about pursuing a genuine goal that you genuinely want and then end this section: Nobody can want another person's goal. Only you can want your genuine and tailor-made goal and pay your price for your goal.

The good, the great, and the achievable instead of the good, the bad and the ugly.

To become a winner, you must put yourself in line wirth winning energies, even if you have to put out some effort to produce them. For, the initial effort is worth it ot genuinely win permanently when you really think about it. Sure, you can cheat and be lazy. But, ultimately, walking your talk and following through genuinely is the best way to do it.

The good, great and achievable are only meaningful when they are genuine anyway. When you steal achievements, you only steal from yourself, and then that is when the "good", then the bad, then the ugly really applies to things and efforts. Genuinely winning genuinely takes effort, even if it is winning a game or winning at life, You have heard that all before from many "authorities" and authors, but it is the real truth and honest reality: If you do not walk your talk, how can you really win, even if you genuinely fake it?

Indeed, reality can never be faked or played off, it can only be lived through when it genuinely comes down to it. A good reality is achievable, but it cannot be faked, that is when it gets ugly, like Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray". I suggest you read that book and understand its premise. Even better is Johann Goethe's "The Faust" or "Doctor Faust". You can steal it, you can fake it, you can play it off, but with ultimately dire consequences. So, I continue with this section on "Our duty to life" by saying, we can all lie, but the best of us are honest.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Apr 2014 (#)

Interesting post and very fact filled one too, cheers!

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author avatar WOGIAM
16th Apr 2014 (#)

Thoughtful article, people need to be more ready to walk their talk also.

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