Out come the gallstones

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Today, Mother and I get up really early. Mother gets in the car and hoots like a maniac for me to come, because apparently we mustn't be late or something along those lines.

Today is Father's third day in hospital, but before they can take out his gallbladder, he must first go to Pretoria to another hospital where they will clean gallstones and blockages out of some of his tubes if I have it correctly.

Out come the gallstones

However, as much as we've hurried, when we get to the hospital it seems there's no hurry and things first need to be sorted out. So, Mother and I go have breakfast at a nursery coffee shop. Deelicious!

Then, when Father and Mother and I are finally ready to take the long trip to Pretoria, Father says we have no GPS in the car. So, we just have to go back to Tower Hills to get one.

Petros is also visiting at this time. He came so that Father and him could go to some aircraft pilots gathering of sorts, but now he will just have to go alone because Father is obviously in no shape for that. Mother calls Petros to bring us the GPS out as far as time will allow.

After meeting halfway to Tower Hills and getting our GPS from Petros, we are finally on our way.

First we wait almost half an hour at the wrong fascility across the street. Somehow it would turn out that this place isn't organized well enough to tell us at the reception that they aren't even expecting us. They just believe we probably are supposed to be there and only half an hour later they ask if we aren't actually supposed to be at the general hospital across the street.

So, off we drive again to the hospital across the street.

After being checked in in the lobby, we go to the right wing on the second floor.

And there, we wait in a waiting room until we can't wait no more. Father does get shown to a bed after some hours while Mother and I wait in the waiting room. Even though Father's appointment was for 12pm, he only finally gets to go in to get his treatment at 6.30pm.

Fortunately there's one recliner chair among all the small upstraight chairs in the waiting room. I later collapse on it and sit back and I'm in a state of sort of awake and half asleep and half dreaming and half thinking and just being completely passive, for hours and hours and hours.

That is of course after Mother and I have done just about all we can think to do, like visit the coffee shop in the lobby and go sleep in the car and read books and watch DVD's and play video games on my portable entertainment device. After some hours, nothing helps the time pass anymore. It is then that I just sit still in the recliner chair for more hours.

But, finally Father is out of his treatment and he immediately feels better. He shows us a computer printout of two photos they took with the device they shoved in through his mouth right through his intestines and into the tube in question where they took photos of the blockage he had.

The blockage which I assume are gallstones are these dark black gooeylooking lumps. One really big one and a few smaller ones. Now they are finally out of Father and Father feels much better immediately. No more pain.

We wait and wait and wait and wait some more for the doctor to finally come say his last words. Father is so impressed with the doctor and the work he did, that Father invites the doctor as their next guests to Canyon Manoir.

Well, all's well that ends well, and we drive home in the night.

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