Overcome Your Gym Fears, and Get That Hot Bod You Have Always Wanted.

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Have you ever considered joining a gym to get the perfect body for summertime, but have not been successful in doing so because you fear that experienced gym-goers may stare and judge? I used to feel the same way. I even went as far as to buying dumbbells, resistance bands, and a pull-up bar to workout at home because I did not want to go to the gym. Fortunately, I got over it and now, I am a regular gym-junkie. Below, I share a few tips to help you overcome those negative thoughts and fears.

Start Small

'Start Small' refers to finding a small gym. Small neighborhood gyms are great for beginners because they do not have a lot of members, and as a result of this, they are not as populated or crowded throughout the day like big, popular gyms such as Planet Fitness and LA Fitness. Because there are not a lot of people, you don't have to worry about people looking at you or judging you. When I decided to join a gym, I joined Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness is located in small neighborhoods all over the United States. According to the website (anytimefitness.com), there are up to 1828 gyms in North America. Check out the website; there might be one down the street from you. In addition, Anytime Fitness is very affordable. I was attracted not only to its size, but also to its college summer membership, which was only $149 for the entire summer! Anytime Fitness is also open 24 hours, including Saturday and Sunday. You may choose to go during late hours when there are even fewer people.

Do Your Research

What do you want to work on while you are in the gym? What are your goals? If your goal is to tone your body by doing cardio, all you have to do is simply hop on one of the cardio workout machines available in the gym. However, if you are a guy, and you are looking to gain muscle mass, I would recommend that you search and print out workout routines available online. I suggest that you take them with you for reference.A good website that I recommend is bodybuilding.com. This website has a good amount of workout programs that you can print out (including pictures!) Bodybuilding.com also has videos that show you how to do some exercises, and how to use gym machines that you will need for the workout routine that you have chosen. People will know that you are beginner, but at least you will be a beginner who knows what he is doing because you have done your research.

Dress Appropriately

If you do not want people to stare at you, I recommend that you stay away from attention by dressing appropriately. Not only are you bringing attention to yourself, if you dress inappropriately, but you are also making others feel uncomfortable. For men: avoid short shorts that expose your thighs and tight shorts that show your disco stick. For women: avoid skin-tight clothes that expose your goods. However, if you want to impress that guy or girl that you check out every once in a while, then showing off a little is alright (just kidding). For men, I would recommend basketball shorts, any shoes and shirt of your liking. For women: shorts or capri pants, and a top of your liking. Keep it simple.

Confidence is Key

Be confident. Think of how hot you will look after working-out for a couple of months. With confidence, you will not even care if people stare.

Focus On Yourself and Your Workout

Do not pay attention to what others are doing. Focus on yourself. Do you! Bring your iPod and earphones; they will help you focus, and ignore everything that is going on around you.

Lastly, if you need help, ask. Most people are usually very willing to help you.

I hope everything that I said above influences you in some way. I should also add that in the gym, no one really cares about what other people are doing. They are not there to laugh at or belittle others. However, this might not always be the case since there are people who like being jerks. If you come across jerks, ignore and move away from them if you can.


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