Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With A Healthy Diet

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In today`s fast paced world, people are often so overworked and highly stressed that to them, being sore and tired at the end of each day is just part of life. But what about those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome?

The Realities of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome do not just get tired, they get completely exhausted, often to the point where it becomes impossible for them to preform normal everyday activities. Chronic fatigue is often so persistent that even a good night of sleep brings no relief.

Other symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include poor memory, frequent yeast infections or candidiasis, trouble concentrating, dizziness, sore lymph nodes, muscle pain, sore throat and fever as well as depression.

The Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Researchers are still not completely sure as to what causes chronic fatigue syndrome, but many suspect that, because the disease appears to weaken the immune system, CFS could be caused by a virus that impairs immune response.

CFS is also thought to be (at least partially) a cellular injury that affects many organs and tissues and that eating a healthy, natural diet could help to alleviate the symptoms and underlying causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

What we put into our bodies makes all the difference in how well our immune system works, so eating a vegetable based diet that is high in magnesium rich foods (magnesium plays a big part in nerve function, energy production, bone and tooth formation as well as muscle relaxation) and essential fatty acids yet contains little or no saturated fat is very important.

A Fresh Healthy Diet

Fresh juices, raw unprocessed fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains and lean proteins are all packed with nutrients that help build the immune system. Adding these clean foods to your daily diet and getting rid of processed foods, sugary carbonated drinks and refined flours can make a world of difference to anyone who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Raw produce plays an important part of a good anti chronic fatigue syndrome diets, because they provide large amounts of nutrients and fiber.

Adding healthy foods such as pumpkin seeds, spinach, halibut, almonds, leafy greens, oatmeal, brown rice, lentils and bananas is a good way to add magnesium to your diet

If possible, all sugars, including honey, corn syrup and sugar substitutes should be eliminated from an anti CFS diet. Sugars help to weaken the immune system and encourage a buildup of bacteria in the system, which is why so many CFS sufferers are prone to candidiasis and yeast infections.

Stay hydrated. Sometimes the body feels fatigued just because it needs water. Choose unsweetened, non-carbonated beverages like water or iced green tea.

Give it Time

Like any weight loss diet, an anti CFS diet will not produce immediate results. But eventually, by eliminating the unhealthy processed foods and sticking to healthy fresh foods, you will feel the results.


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author avatar emmy19
30th Jun 2010 (#)

Great Piece

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
30th Jun 2010 (#)

good one

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author avatar Dominique
13th Jul 2010 (#)

While eating well is definitely a plus, to say a healthy diet will cure CFIDS/NEID is quite the stretch. I have lived with this illness for 20+ years, eat a farm fresh diet and do everything you listed above. I am still ill. While I feel better in my gut from this diet, it hasn't helped with the fatigue, cognitive problems, pain, or anything else. If anything, is just reduces the amount of toxicity through chemicals that I am exposed to.

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