Overproduction (Hyperthyroidism) or Underproduction (Hypothyroidism) of Hormones

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Thyroid gland is an important organ in the Endocrine System. Together with the Pituitary gland they control the hormonal secretion. They play an important role in our body metabolism.

Thyroid gland and our Body Metabolism

The thyroid gland is located below the “voice box” or larynx whichever you prefer to call it. It is a brownish-red organ weighing about one ounce. It consists of cuboidal epithelial cells arranged to form small sacs known as vesicles, actini, or follicles. The vesicles are supported by connective tissue which forms the framework for the whole gland. These vesicles are filled with colloid substances or thyroglobulin that the thyroid gland secretes. The amounts of thyroglobulin secretion are controlled by the thyroid and pituitary gland. It consists of two lobes on each side of the “windpipe” or trachea. It is joined by the isthmus.

Thyroid disorders may causes symptoms to overproduction (hyperthyroidism) or underproduction (hypothyroidism) of hormones. A goiter (enlargement or distortion of the gland) could be present and may not mean there is any thing wrong.

Lumps in the thyroid are usually benign and some cancers are not highly malignant. Stone hard lumps that grow quickly may be cancer and should be checked by a physician.

Even though thyroid cancers are very rare one type secretes a hormone . Thyroid Actenomas are benign tumors that secrete hyperthyroidism. As a result a condition called Graves Disease could be present. This is caused by the body producing autoantibody that stimulates the thyroid to secrete excessive hormones. In Hashimoto”s Thyroiditis ( the most common disorder of the thyroid function) the autoantibodies damage the glandular system.

A genetic disorder impairs the thyroid’s ability to secrete hormones. When the levels of hormones are low the pituitary gland increases it’s secretions and the results is the goiter(enlargement or distortion of the gland).

Severe deficiency of iodine in children can cause the condition Myxedema, where the skin and face are affected. The skin and face dry out and thicken becoming course. Some other symptoms are cold intolerance, fatigue, and constipation. The cases are basically unknown but believed to be due to treatment of other thyroid disorders. The thyroid holds about one forth of the iodine in the body.

Hormonal changes during puberty or during pregnancy can cause a goiter that disappears as soon as hormones return to normal.

Insufficient thyroid hormone causes symptoms tiredness,, weight gain, dry skin,hair loss, constipation, and sensitivity to cold. Children may experience growth retardation.

Overproduction of thyroid hormones symptoms include fatigue, anxiety,sweating, weight loss, palpitations, and intolerance to heat. Blood tests may be taken for thyroid or pituitary function levels are measured. A thyroid scan may also be needed.

Blood tests to measure the levels of thyroid and pituitary hormones in the blood and xrays of the gland itself are two measures a doctor may need to If a tumor is suspected or is obvious a biopsy of the thyroid tissue may be needed.

The thyroid gland is very important organ and it plays a very important role in our life's. If you suspect or have visible signs of any abnormal it is always best to call your physician..


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