PTSD Lingers in Vietnam Veterans

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In August 2014, the American Psychological Association met to discuss the plight of Vietnam Veterans still suffering from PTSD brought on by their time in the war.

Professionals Meet

During the discussion that took place, Dr. Charles Marmar, a psychologist at New York University stressed that the longer a person suffers from PTSD the greater are the chances of the disease never going away. According to Dr. Marmar, if a person is to get over PTSD he or she will do so during the first months or years. It has been decades since the conclusion of the Vietnam War.


I say it’s about time that the Vietnam Veteran is given his due. I was a teen-ager during the Vietnam War, but I remember the ramifications of it very clearly. I remember watching the news broadcasts of the war every evening. I remember our boys being sent home in body bags. I also remember feeling concerned about my male classmates because I knew if the war didn’t end soon, their number would come up; they’d be sent to boot camp and then shipped over to the war and perhaps sent back home in a body bag.

Draft is Over

After graduation, I decided to join the Army. I joined at the borderline of draft and no draft although it wouldn’t have affected me; after all, I am a woman and our government was kind enough to not have a draft for women. At that time, though, I noticed how many people shied away from voluntarily entering the military. And that was understandable since we still weren’t out of the war.

Some Who Speak Never Served

What does bother me now, though, years after the draft/no draft line has disappeared like a line that’s been erased, are the people who claim these Vietnam Vets surely don’t have PTSD – too much time has passed or the number of PTSD sufferers is wrong. PTSD is being over diagnosed. My first question to these naysayers is, did you serve? Then my second question is, how can you be certain that PTSD was and is being over diagnosed? Again, did you serve during wartime? Did you voluntarily sign up to go to war or were you among the many who turned your backs and did whatever you had to do to stay away from the military?

They Deserve All

I say let’s stick together and give these Vets everything they deserve especially since they were the ones who had the backbone to protect and serve our great country.

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