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With this Page i will shall continue to show you; how to make, your own Natural Aromatic Remedies at Home.
It Truly; is a Wonderful thing, to be able to buy Natural Medicines; that have a Heritage of Thousands of Years'. Pretty much, everything that we Need to Know; has already been Written, we are not Working in the Dark..
Be Pro-Active in the Health of your Family & Friend
Try these things I have Suggested; they are not expensive; but use the Wisely & Safely.

Muscles; a Natural Remedie, for Muscular Aches & Pains, Stress & Tension.

Muscle Pain can either be Acute; a Typical Injury being "Whiplash." or Chronic; Typically Back/ Neck & Shoulder Problems. I have Lived with these things for Many Years; and I truly understand, the Nightmare that Living with these Disease Conditions, has on our Daily Live's.
It seems that there is no Getting Away from it...until it becomes
Background Pain; & we learn to live our Live's with it. It Limit's everything That We Can Do. Opiate Pain Killers, may Help; But at What Cost...How many Thousands of People Die every year from Overdose's?

I have been using; Black Pepper, Benzoin, & Juniper; in the Treatment of Muscular Pain, for over 20 years; & I say again..It has not Failed me Yet; by that I mean my Clients & Friends.
Typical of so many other Therapist's I'm not very good at Looking After Myself. lol, but in the Service of Others, I am Zen.
on to the Recipe then.

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"Muscles", A Natural Aromatic Remedie.

The the three Principle Ingredients of this Blend are.

Benzoin: I love this Essential Oil; for its Warming & Soothing, Anti--inflammatory Character. It is an Ancient Essential Oil; It is also very Useful for Chest Infections, especially if Nebulised; & it forms the Base of our Blend.

Black Pepper: This Essential Oil, is wonderfully Warming & Stimulating, the Aroma Is Divine: use it for all Muscle Pain; (but not Strain's.)
Black Pepper is also Digestif, which is Particularly Useful, when there is a Need to Stimulate Appetite, especially among The Elderly.

Before you Use you your Blend you should already Be Aware; that you Need to Check the Contra-Indictations, of the Oils you are working with.

Follow the Link to my Reference Page, where you can connect with an Essential Oil Database.[/l

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Muscles A Natural Aromatic Remedie. The Formula.

Once you Have Created your own Vegetable Oil Base, or, follow the Link to my Carrier Oils Page or if all you have in the cupboard is some Sunflower Oil; this will suffice, though it is not as Nourishing for the Skin, as the Blend described on Page 5.

Fill to just below the Neck of the bottle with your Chosen Carrier Oil.
Then add,

5 Drops of Benzoin.

10 Drops of Black Pepper

5 Drops of Juniper.

Close the Lid & Shake Well; store it in a Cool Dark place & it will keep for Approx 12 to 16 Weeks.
I Share this Information with You Freely, in the Hope that; if it is helped you then Please, pass it on.

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Muscles, a Natural Aromatic Remedie, Method of Use.

Always Shake the Product Well.
If you have a Partner, who can Apply it for you, that's Great; Ask them to be Gentle, & Push toward the Heart.

If you are Applying it Yourself, then Massage it to the Affected Area's; 2 or 3 times a Day.

As A Bath Oil is Great for Low Back Pain; Run a bath, to your Normal Temperature; then add 2 or 3 Capfull's of the Oil, Stir, and have a good Soak...You will not need Soap; the OPil's are Anti-Septic enough & will Cleanse you.

As You get out of the the Bath, you will pull a Thin Film of the Bath Oil on your Skin...Therefore, just Pat your Skin Dry, & throw on a Robe.

As A Shower Oil
Shower as Normal, & Rinse your Skin thoroughly; while you Skin is still Wet, Apply the Oil, all over, & Let your Skin Dry, or Pat Dry.

These Method's of Treating Muscle Pain, are best used, before bed, & in The Morning.

In the next Section we will Discuss Dry Skin,

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Dry Skin; Overview.

Dry Skin May range from; Mild Flaking & Itching, to Painful, Sore, Bleeding & Cracked Skin; It can be Painful; & there is often an Emotional Price to pay, & that is Low Self Esteem. With our Modern Lifestyle; so much of our Live's involves a Very Close Relationship, with all manner of Chemicals; they are in our Soap's, Shampoo's, Detergents; & all manner of things, that come into Contact with Our Skin.

It does not stop there though; it's in our Diet, the very Foods we are Eating. Processed Foods are littered with Refined Sugar's, Emulsifiers, Colorants & Presevatives; Our Water Supply, depending on where you Live; is Fluoridated. We shouldn't be Drinking this Stuff.
We Know improvements to Our Diet, can Have a Positive impact on many aspect's of our Daily Live's: our Skin is no different; eat Fresh Food wherever you Can, drink plenty of Water, take regular Exercise, avoid Processed Food's; adopting these Habit's, can make a huge difference to your Skin.

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Dry Skin; The Skin is the Largest Organ of our Bodie's: and is oft time a good Indicator of Underlying Problems,with our Physical / Emotional Problems.

The Skin is the Largest Organ of the Human Body, it is often Neglected; and Problems of the Skin, are often Indicator's of Deeper Problems.
Many Skin Conditions are the result of Stress; or the Food we eat; Diet plays a huge role, in the Condition of our Skin...But Dietary Changes can be expensive: & beyond the reach of Many . Direct Contact from Soaps & Detergents, is almost impossible; I would suggest, they are the Cause of Many Skin Irritations & t i would Heartily Recommend; that you use Simple Soap Brands; or Maybe Eco Brands; Detergents & Soaps.
For a Week try removing your Makeup, then Rinse your face using warm water; then Wash using the Bath/ Massage oil using the Massage Oil; (it is Anti-Septic & Anti-Biotic, so you will be Clean) then a Final Rinse. Pat dry; then Moisturize, again with the oil, try, it see how you get on.
If you are Experiencing Chronic Dry Skin; look to these things in your Lifestyle; and see if there are Changes you Can Make; but change only one thing at a Time, & give it a couple of Weeks, to monitor the Changes. It is a Little Time Consuming, but very Informative; as you may build a Picture; of what it is, that is Troubling your Skin.

One Simple thing you Can Do...Is to make sure you are Drinking Enough Water. The average Adult, should be Drinking about 1.75 Litres a day.

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Dry Skin; The Recipe.

Your'e probably getting quite Bored now with me Saying "I just Love this Blend," but it's True Folk's I do; I love them all.
I have trawled the Internet, but I have found nothing like this; simple Honest information about Aromatherapy.
These Recipes I have been Sharing, I do so with the Utmost Faith, that they will work for Most People.
Each Aromatherapy Treatment should be Unique to the Client, & there are many different Essential Oils. that you can use for a any Given Treatment; I'm Just telling you about, what I have Used; & so if you find this blend, doesn't work for you, Try something Else; but also Note, that the Base alone, is Deeply Moisturizing.
Professional Aromatherapy Treatments are Expensive; many People see them. as Lifestyle Choice's, or Luxuries; I see them as Necessary. & what I am trying to do, is to show how to Create some of the Blend's, I have had great success with down through the years.

For this You will Need either, a 50ml Massage Oil Bottle, or a 60ml Jar for the Base, they should be Colored Glass or Plastic.

Ideally you would make yourself at Least one product, in each Format (Balm & Massage Oil.)
Follow the Link to Page 5 for Instructions on how to make a Carrier Oil & Balm

To your prepared Container as described above you will need to add,

7 Drops of Geranium; Geranium is a Mid Note, & has an Intensely Floral Aroma...It is Wonderful; it fantastic for Dry Skin, it is a Powerful Anti-Septic & Insect Repellent.

6 Drops of Patchouli: Patchouli is a Base Note, it has a Deep heady earthy smell,& its Odor Lingers. It's Action is Soothing & Calming, It is a good Anti-Septic; and it is unpparaleld in the the Treatment of Chronic Dry & Cracked Skin; when combined with Geranium.

3 Drops of Lavender: Lavender is Probably the most Useful Essential Oil its action is Healing, Soothing,, Anti-Septic, & Anti Inflammatory. In this Instance, it is it's Gentle Healing Action we are Interested in.

4 Drops of Lemon. Lemon is a Brilliant all Rounder. It is a Very Powerful Anti-Septic, It is Indicated in the Treatment of Wounds & Snake Bites; and a huge list of other Conditions.
As a Top Note, the Lemon adds Balance to the Blend. I use it in Many different Blends.

Combine all of the Ingredients together, into your chosen container, pop the Lid on & shake well...You may call me Mad; but it is at this Point, that I focus all of my Love & Karma on the Natural Healing Product in my hand... I think they call it Mindfulness now; But I'm Crazy Right?

A cautionary Note: Always Check the Contra-Indactions & Indications of the Essential Oils you are Using, especially if you are Making it for Someone else.

Follow the Link on Page 4 for Detailed Info on Essential Oils
If stored in Cool Dark Conditions your Products will keep for Approximately 12 to 16 Weeks.

Dry Skin Method of Use for a Natural Aromatic Remedie.

The Three Principle Method's of Use for These Product's are as a Bath / Massage Oil, as Shower Oil, or as a Balm.
As a Bath Oil: Run a Bath to your Normal Temperature, & then add 2 or 3 Capfull's of the Bath Oil. Wash without Soap,(The Anti-Septic Nature of the Oil will Cleanse you) using a Sponge or Washcloth. As you rise out of the Bath, a thin film of the Oil will be left on your Skin...Therefore, just Pat your Skin Dry, & throw on a Robe.

As A Shower Oil
Shower as Normal, & Rinse your Skin thoroughly; while you Skin is still Wet, Apply the Oil, all over, & Let your Skin Dry, or Pat Dry.

As A Balm. It Makes a fantastic Moisturizer; Use it 2 to 3 times a Day, to the Affected Areas of you Skin. It is Particularly Useful, for Dry & Cracked Skin on the Heels of Feet; but you may use it as an everyday is particularly effective if used as Night Creme.
Thank You for taking the Time to read this; & if it works for you, then Please, pass it on. Uncle ~Jami.

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"Quiet Times." A serious Natural Stress Buster. Overview

Yes you've guessed it...Nope; this one comes with a little story, of how I came to Create this Particular Blend.

My Aromatherapy Career began in 1988, while I was working for the Ravenswood Foundation in Berkshire. (UK) The place I worked at, was called Ravenswood Village; & it was a Charitable Foundation, for Jewish Adult’s & Children; who had Intellectual & Physical Challenge’s. It was quite literally a Village; comprised of 180 Residents, in 18 Chalet style Homes; supported by 180 Staff. It was a Fantastic place to work; we had everything, Vehicle’s, Ambulance’s. Ponies & Horse riding; we had a Hydrotherapy Pool; a School, Workshop, & an Intensive Day Centre. We took the People in our Care on Annual Holiday’s, & round & about on the Weekends, & Sunny Evenings.

I was 3 years in, on what would become an 8 Year stint at Ravenswood Village; I was a Team Leader; working in a “Chalet,” for People with Challenging Behaviours; it was Difficult, but Rewarding Work; we were a Secure Unit. Meaning; that the Chalet was Locked Down; & our Clients needed to be escorted wherever they went outside the Chalet.

It was a High Stress Environment; & not many Staff could cope with it…At times the Folk’s we were looking after, could become Violent & Aggressive; Behaviours, born of our Clients inability, to Effectively Express their Emotions & Needs. We all had a lot of Fun & Happy times; but when it Kicked Off…Wow; it required Extraordinary amounts of Patience, Calm Reasoning & Behaviours, to Resolve High Energy Situations; sometimes, we would have to use Passive Restraint Techniques to Remove People from a Situation…But it was all a part of it, we were Highly Trained. & we were a Tight Team; we enjoyed our Work; we worked hard, & played hard.

After 3 Years in Chalet 9, the Stress; was starting to “Burn me out;” I was Drinking Heavily, trying to escape the Stress; but getting nowhere fast; & so I decided to leave Chalet 9. & work as a Teaching Assistant at The I.D.C, (Intensive Day Centre.)
Hmmmm, that was not my best idea ever; as now instead of having a large Chalet; with much more space, in which to manage to the Stress; I was now caught in the Narrow Confines of a Small Classroom…The Aggressive Behaviours continued; the Stress Continued to Climb; as did the Drinking.

The I.D.C was basically a “Portakabin” measuring about 14ft x 35ft; it felt narrow & Confined, but was bright enough; the Artwork, that some of the more able Residents had created, lined the walls…It was a nice enough building, just too Narrow.
Most of our Work, was Focused toward, helping our Students to Communicate more Effectively; & so Enrich their Life’s.

In the evenings after work; Jack Daniels in hand; I would consider, the Nature of the Frustration & Violence our Student’s would display during a Typical Day; & then it hit me; I had my Answer…The way out I had been looking for.
So the following Lunch Time, after a particularly Challenging morning; I said to Simon (The class Teacher.) “Simon, I understand what we are trying to do here; but if we have to Teach them something, why can’t we Teach them how to Relax; why can’t we do that”?

What have you got in mind ~Jami?
So I told him of my Vision; of transporting, Us & the Student’s; out & away from the Classroom, to somewhere Warm & Relaxing, like a Beach for example: the Activity would use, the Sense’s of, Sight, Sound, & Smell, as the Vehicle to Transport us.
It was very simple really; at one end of our Classroom, was a storage room; used to store Sheepskins, Floor Cushions, and Sensory equipment. Etc.
So I suggested that we put the Table & Chairs, in the Storage area, & bring out the Sheepskins, Cushions & Sensory Equipment out.
We painted the Classroom windows yellow. For the Sight Component of our Activity, I had some Beach Photo’s Laminated & Enlarged to A3; For the Sound, I had found some Ambient Beach Sounds.That just left the Smell, & try as I might; I could not find anything Suitable; but someone happened to say the Word “Aromatherapy” to me, & I was intrigued; so I bought a Book “Shirley Price. Practical Aromatherapy.”

It was Fascinating reading, it spoke of a Method, of Using Essential Oils & Massage; to Promote Healing, Relaxation, & Wellbeing.
So I bought some Lavender Essential Oil, instead of an “Ocean Breeze Odour” for the Odour Component; We began by offering Hand Massage’s, being the least threatening, it seemed an ideal place to start: there was only Simon & I, so we could only work with 2 People at a time; the rest of the group were happy enough, engaging with the sensory equipment; or content; to just Be. Without even realizing it, by brightly painting the windows, I had firmly focused the attention, on the activities in the Classroom; which were setup to be a relaxing environment.

The Session was great; & it was satisfying, seeing the Tension, fall away from the Group, most notably myself. We decided to run the Activity, for the last Hour of the Morning Session before Lunch; 3 times a Week; the Reasoning behind this was Based, on my Experiences as a Carer, trying to cope, with at times, what were pretty Chaotic Lunchtimes; So our Aim was to send our Students Home at Lunchtime, in a Relaxed frame of mind.

By the end of the first week, "Carers." were asking, what we were doing; that was leaving their Residents, so relaxed , at Lunchtimes; they were also noticing great improvement's to the condition of the Resident's hands.

I was on a Roll, I had finished the first Aromatherapy Book, that I had Bought. So I bought 2 more Essential Oils, to compliment the Lavender, I already had; I bought Roman Chamomile, & Spanish Marjoram. I Created a Blend consisting of !.2% Chamomile, .4% Lavender, & .4 % Marjoram.

It was such a wonderfully Soothing Blend, the name came to me straight away; it was "Quiet Times", & that also became the name of our Sessions.
within about 4 months, Ravenswood paid for me to begin my Aromatherapy Training, at the end of which, I received my Diploma; & began to provide Aromatherapy Treatments, to the "Village."

Thank you for your Patience; but I had to tell this story; On then to the Recipe.

Images Courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

Quiet Times. Formula.

Quiet Times is such a wonderful blend to Create; the subtle Aroma's of molten Beeswax. & warm Sweet Almond Oil. is just Heavenly; with our chosen Blend of Essential Oil's; it becomes a Potent Natural Healing Balm, or Massage Oil.
Follow the Link on Page 4 to discover the Individual Properties of our Blend...You will discover, there are many use's for "Quiet Times".

Follow the the Link to Page 5[/i]link=page::1bkqkj5a] for Instructions on how to Create a Massage Oil Base; If you would like to Create a Healing & Soothing Balm: use the Base as Described in Galen's Cold Cream

this Blend is at a Dilution of 2% Essential OIls; we are going to use a 50ml Bottle or 2oz GlassJar; which means we will be adding 20 Drops in total of Essential oil's.

Into your 50ml Bottle or Jar, with either your Molten Balm, or Massage Oil; add
12 drops of Roman Chamomile.
4 drops of Spanish Marjoram,
4 Drops of French Lavender,

Close the lid & Shake very well: store in a Cool Dark Place: & it will keep for 12 to 15 weeks.

This Recipe is good for Many differing Ailments, including, Insect bites, as an aftersun, for Sunburn, it is great as a Bath & Massage oil; for fractious Children. It will help with Anxiety & Stress; Use it as a Night Cream, or a Bath Oil before bed; as a Back & shoulder Massage before you sleep & surely you will Sleep well.

The Affects of Stress, & Sleeping Problems; have an Immense Impact on our Daily Live's, I really Hope this Blend may bring you some Rest & Relaxation.

This was the very first Proper Blend, I Created, & it was an instant Hit, many staff & Teachers were using it for their Client;s & Themselves; & I was Humbled to have Created something, that had a huge Positive Impact
on People's Lives.

If you stick with the Principles I have laid out in Page 5 & you understand how Use Indications & Contra Indications of Essential Oils; in the Blends you are Creating for your Family & Friends, then you shouldn't go wrong,

Once again Remember creating these Blends is Fun, & just as easy as Following a Recipe for Food; but far, far more Satisfying.
I have you have Enjoyed reading these Post's: I am considering what Blend to Post, as my next Section.
If you have any Suggestions, for Remedies for Specific Ailments; then Please Comment or Message me
Thank You. Uncle ~Jami.

Images Courtesy of Wikkimedia Commons.

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Excellent information, thank you for sharing this.

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Excellent information, thank you for sharing this.

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