Panic Attacks! Are they Deadly?

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Although these symptoms are extremely scary, they are certainly not life-threatening or dangerous.
When you feel a panic attack coming on, take slow deep breaths.

How Serious Are Panic Attacks?

What Causes a Panic

Panic attacks are usually brought on during times of stress.They usually only last for a few minutes but to the sufferer it feels like eternity.

If you are under work stress or busy ending a relationship or a divorce, you could experience a panic attack.More often though,these attacks seem to creep up on you when you are actually feeling quite relaxed.It is still a mystery how the subconscious sends people in to a panic.

Regarding the symptoms, these seem to occur when the mind sends the body into an automatic "fight or flight" response.While the precise cause of this response is still unknown, several factors could be responsible.

One of the suggestions seems to indicate that negative thought patterns and a chemical imbalance in the brain could increase depression and stress levels as well. Some medications for heart conditions and asthma as well as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and drug abuse or even hyperthyroidism,may be the cause.

Some or all of these symptoms may occur:

* Pounding or racing heartbeat.
* Restricted breathing.
* A feeling of being overcome by fear or terror with
physical distress lasting up to eight minutes.
* Chest pains.
* Numbness or tingling in the hands.
* A fear of dying.

These symptoms often last from a few seconds up to an hour.
Sufferers of panic attacks, attest to the fear that they had felt extreme discomfort as well as feeling as though they are suffering from a life threatening condition or are perhaps losing their minds.
Frequently, the people suffering these attacks end up in the hospital casualty department.

Coping with panic attacks
It's important to remember, that although these
symptoms are extremely scary,they are certainly not life-threatening or dangerous.
It is important that you should realize,that what you are experiencing is only an amplification of your normal bodily reaction to stress.

When you feel a panic attack coming on and you are starting to breath very fast and shallowly, forcibly start to breath from your stomach and mid-rif area taking slow, deep breaths.Do this with the palm of your hand placed on your chest.There should be no rising and falling of your chest as you breathe.

Don't try to fight your way out of a panic attack, this will only increase the adrenaline flow through your veins.
Don't agrivate an attack by thinking about what might happen, just say "so what".
Don't keep your emotions bottled up. Rather find someone to confide in such as a councillor, a family member or a friend.

Reduce your risks of exposure to stress by expressing your needs to others and assert yourself
Learn some relaxing techniques and remember to close your eyes and to slow down your breathing.

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I m also one of the patient of panic attack, i live in pakistan, no any speciallest is available in in home land Quetta city who satisfy me and do my treament. please if u have any treatment for me. so informed me.

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