Panic Attacks, How to Control

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It is not uncommon for a person to suffer from a panic attack from time to time. In some cases, a person may have an anxiety disorder called (GAD) Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In either case when a person suffers from a panic attack it is important to know how to do during the attack. Things like nausea, tremors, racing heart, and intense fear can take over a person’s body. It is important to manage your anxiety to prevent panic attacks.

Steps to Take During the Panic

When a person starts a panic attack they usually hyperventilate. It is important to breathe deeply in order to reduce stress, provide oxygen for your brain, and help keep you focused. Use the following breathing techniques to help control your panic attack.
• Start out by holding your breath, then breathe slowly from the diaphragm. Put your hand on chest and diaphragm measuring the rise and fall. Take a few seconds to inhale through your nose. Continue your breathing techniques for a few minutes.
• Next focus on your senses while having the panic attack. You are probably concentrating on several things happening at one time. You are having a sense of overload not knowing to fight or flight as they say. Slow down take time to notice what is really happening.
• Take time to do an inventory of what is happening to your body. Is your heart beating too fast? Perhaps your hands feel sweaty or you feel like throwing up. Telling yourself that you have to control these symptoms only makes them worth instead just reside yourself that this too will pass. This will eventually help because your brain will start to realize that the panic is really not dangerous.
• If you have already begun a panic attack, then you need to start a distraction to help get your mind towards something else. You might start counting backwards, reciting poetry, sing your favorite song or create a poem. Cognitive diversions are an excellent way of getting your mind off of your fears helping you to get over your panic attack. It is important to get over the panic attack where you are not leave the spot.
• Some people prefer to use progressive muscle relaxation. That is a process where you slowly go through your body tensing and relaxing each muscle group. This will help you to concentrate on something other than what is causing your panic attack.

Panic Attacks Under Control

It is not always easy when you suffer from a panic attack to overcome especially when you are in front of an audience. Those who are planning on speaking or performing often find just before they go out to the audience they are having a moment of panic. Others might panic at the sight of an animal or another object that affects them. There are many different causes for panic attacks but by using the above steps you are able to take control of your life and get through your ordeal calming the panic that you feel within.

Panic Attacks Conquered

The average person may suffer from a panic attack now and again because of facing a large crowd, or special circumstance, however when panic attack is a common occurrence on a daily basis then it is time to ask for professional help. Just speak to your doctor and they will help you to overcome the problem. It might take therapy and ongoing medications but it is always best to conquer the panic attack to help you lead a better more successful life.


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