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The awareness is increasing on health and beauty in the people, it is good thing, we have to consume the fruits and vegetables availability according to the season, then only it is good for healthy body, that will increase life, glory and radiance of body ,it is wise to consume the locally available Papaya,it is a boon to health, beautiness, essential elements, having lot of medicinal potential values, so it is called at “ fruit of god”

Papaya the "God's Fruit"

It is available in good shape and colour, its taste also excellent, lot of essential elements and medicinal values are available in papaya fruit. The papaya fruit was invented by Mr Christopher cololumbus, he said that it is “Fruit of God”, he has invented several fruits and vegetable on his journey and he introduced them to the world especially to Europe people.
It is having nutritional, medicinal potential and for body beauty. People are eating this and also using the pulp for skin will give the results with brightness of the skin with in a day ,It is having lot of nutritional values and it is also good for skin and for healthy hairs.

Mexico is the birth place of Papaya ,from their it was introduced to the entire world, initially it was cultivated in Mexico, central America, south America and then in other parts also. Not only in India, Srilanka ,South Africa it is backyard plant ,now it is growing in all countries. It is conical round shape, it length is up to 20 inches, inside the fruit and hallow place the black seeds arranged with gum type material, in seeds “Cartain” damage the nerves, so before eating the fruit we have to remove the entire seeds in the fruit, after ripping the fruit the outer skin of the body in orange color .

Few pieces of Papaya fruit a day

“An apple for a day, there is no need to consult doctor “ that is a proverb said by the Europeans ,truly it is suitable for “papaya. Nutritional consultants will say that excellent essential elements in papaya. Pepin an Protimolitic enzyme is available in papaya milk, fruit, and in all parts of the tree, it is best in dividing fat , in digestion and turns the fat in to fiber, any way it is powerful enzyme, it is used for cooking and soften the mutton and beaf, cooking with the pieces of papaya is an old tradition since long time, in some countries papaya is used in salads ,curries and raw papaya is used in special cookies.

Papaya is best for heart deceases like heart attack, High Blood Pressure, heart stroke, its fiber contents will decrease the cholesterol value and it is good for Diabetic patients. Papaya pieces ,mixed with honey and milk salads are best for heart patients and nerves weekness

Papaya is having Papine enzyme it increases the digestion , it will help in free motion, the riboflavin available in papaya will decrease mouth ,white spots, and lip brakes.

Papaya’s milk will reduce the skin deceases , due to blister ness in the papaya milk it is used with coconut oil, betakerotin is the best prevention of decease .

Papaya also used for beautify nutritional product manufacturers are using the unripe stage,it is used in toners ,moisturizers ,facial peels and it works on all kinds of skins it is smooth ,it is also used as masks and peels, the pulp of papaya is used in making soaps ,creams ,body lotions and shaving creams also .totally papaya is “Fruit of God”


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author avatar Denise O
26th Dec 2010 (#)

I love papaya, I just wish I could get unripen ones here.
When I lived in Guam that was a must have.
Pickled, it is just great!
us kids would pick our papaya, make our pickled papaya and then sell it at the officers golf course.
I love them ripen also.
Good info.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar TNT_Brian
15th Jan 2011 (#)

thanks for sharing this fascinating information :)

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author avatar yugasini
15th Jan 2011 (#)

hi Denise and Tnt Brain,

thanks both of you for nice comments,have a nice day


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