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What is the mystery behind Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper, this is the question I get from my readers.In this article, I will uncover the working mechanism and how zappers are helping in killing of microbes and parasites. According to Dr. Hulda Clark, Zapping kills microbes.

How Zappers Work According to Dr. Hulda Clark

According to the writings of Dr. Hulda Clark, Human beings are exposed to many parasites such as amoeba, flukes, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, cestodes, giardia, candida, cryptosporidium, trichomonas, coccidian, entamoeba, among others. These parasites pose huge risks to human health and therefore have to be handled carefully. In addition, it is challenging and nearly impossible to avoid these parasites completely but it is possible to handle them.

If left uncontrolled, these parasites will feed on your food; they will grow and affect the immune system of your body. This means that the parasites will be competing for nutrients in the body and at the same time release hormones that will facilitate growth of illnesses such as cancer. These parasites have to be gotten rid of or else they will deteriorate the entire immunity of the body.

The numerous parasitic infections led to the development of zappers by Dr. Hulda Clark in 1994. The ParaZapper products uses a 9-volt battery and helps in killing parasites without exposing the body to harmful chemicals or side-effects as it is the case for various drugs.

ParaZapper products are very friendly to the body system and it does not affect its polarity in any way.

It is very easy to use ParaZapper products. Hold each of its handles in both hands and then turn on the power switch by pressing the power button. Allow zapping for the amount of time specified in the instructions as specified for each mode and then turn off the Zapper for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the process two more times if required.
The Hulda Clark Zapper works by producing positive offset square wave pulses that cause a resonant ringing in the microbe, causing it to rupture.

Although it may appear to be very simple, people who have used zappers have experienced fatigue after zapping. As a result of this, it is recommended to drink a lot of water.

Additionally, different people require different frequencies of zapping. Therefore it is better to consult your doctor before using this device, just to ensure that you get the best results. For example, there are some people who may need only two sessions a day while others may require more sessions. Also, the doctor will advise you on how to avoid over zapping that cold otherwise destroy beneficial bacteria. Many doctors are not familiar with the zapper, so ask them to study up on it so that they are well educated.

The use and popularity of ParaZapper products have continued to increase over the years and these units are available over the internet. There seems to be a lot of sites such as ,,,,, where you can read about or buy this products from, but the best place to buy ParaZapper ™ products appears to be, the Hulda Clark Zapper Co. Therefore you can now easily make your order through the internet.

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29th Aug 2016 (#)

They have a really good upgrade available now, the ParaZapper MY-3

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author avatar David
29th Aug 2016 (#)

Also, they have added a really super low end unit, which is the ParaZapper 6-Pack, , actually, six zappers in one.

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