Part 2 How Drinking Alcohol Can Ruin Your Health and Your Life

Denise Larkin By Denise Larkin, 15th Mar 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL
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Here is an update on my brother's life whilst being an alcoholic and what it finally did to him.

An Update on My Brother's Life

My brother's alcohol addiction became very hard for him over the years. He could not cope with life because of it and it ruined his health. Here is what happened to him.

Recent Events

My brother's health went downhill very recently. His liver was very damaged. Doctors told him 3 years ago that he would die if he did not stop drinking. Our parents were very worried for him, but he did not stop.

About 18 months ago, he got thrown out of his flat because of his drink problem. Neighbors said he was a nuisance. So, he ended up walking the streets and living on them. His life went even further downhill.

He Did Not Care

He started to not care about himself too. I let him stay with us at times, but he was just too much of a battle to have him in the house all the time. He did not want to stop drinking. He drank all day and all night, and then he would fall asleep on the sofa. It was not something we could handle!

Eventually, his legs started to swell up and he could not walk. This was a sign that his body was at risk, because his liver was failing. He did not care that this was happening. We think he gave up wanting to live.


He wanted to give up the alcohol, but the way it made him feel when he tried was very hard for him. He was severely depressed, but he would not get the help he badly needed. We tried to get him the help, but each time he would refuse it. He wanted to give up!

On his birthday, 11th April 2011, our mother passed away. She had suffered from cancer, but in the end died of a massage heart attack. My brother was very emotional and went even further downhill. He could not believe that his own mother had died on his 42nd birthday. He was devastated more than all of us!

Liver Failure

After this, his health got worse and on 20th September 2011 he passed away of liver failure and kidney failure. He was 42 years old. We were all devastated and felt awful that this had happened. All we wanted to do was help him, but he would not accept it!

So, if anyone thinks that they could be on the verge of becoming alcoholic, then please get some help. Alcohol abuse can really mess up your life! Think before you drink!

If you are suffering from depressing and feel you want to drink alcohol then be very careful. Depression and alcohol do not go together. See a doctor. Do not drown yourself in alcohol, because it may make your depression much worse than it is!


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author avatar Buzz
15th Mar 2012 (#)

Very sad and tragic and there's a very important lesson to be learned. I'm sorry for your loss, Denise. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

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author avatar Songbird B
16th Mar 2012 (#)

Oh Denise, this is so tragic, and I am so very sorry to hear about the recent losses you and your family have taken. A friend of mine almost died from alcohol abuse, but pulled himself back from the edge just in time. I couldn't agree more with your plea..You have amazing strength to use this tragic loss to try and raise awareness for others on a similar path.. Hugs to you my friend, you are an amazing woman..\0/x

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author avatar Delicia Powers
17th Mar 2012 (#)

Denise so very, very sorry my have such great strength to write and help others through your own pain ...thank you Denise....

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author avatar Mikey.
17th Mar 2012 (#)

Hi Denise.many years ago i was a barman, And the amount of alcohol consumed by young Men and Women was crazy.And now days its even worse,All kinds of fancy shorts and chasers etc.The amount of people of both genders who i know that are alcoholics and have died so young i am talking about close neighbours.Thanks for highlighting this very serious problem.And sorry you had to experience it first hand,some people are beyond help no matter how hard we try.

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author avatar Denise Larkin
18th Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks so much for all your kind and generous comments.

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