Pea Sprouts Benefits and How to Cook Them

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Locally we call these tiny green leaves sprouting from green beans; Pea Sprouts.
They have green leafy leaves and short thin stems.
This tiny vegetable is healthy, nutritious and benefits our health.
Learn how to cook pea sprouts here

Why You Should Eat Pea Sprouts

Surprisingly, do you know that pea sprouts are actually grown from green peas?

This soft leafy vegetable was named Pea Sprouts because it sprouts from the green pea, just as simple as that.

Pea sprouts have tender bright green leaves and short watery stems.

They are highly rich in nutrients :

  • calcium,
  • vitamin B,
  • Vitamin C,
  • beta-carotene,
  • vitamin A,
  • folic acid and
  • has one of the highest in protein

Remember that green leafy vegetables are extremely highly nutritious , healthy and easy to cook compare to colorful vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, peppers.

Chinese beliefs

Pea sprouts taste sweet and are neutral in nature.

They regulate vital energy ( Qi in Chinese ) the most important energy in our body and help to have the urge to urinate frequently.

Back in the olden days, pea sprouts were only used in luxurious banquets due to high cost and scarcely available

Health Benefits of eating Pea sprouts

Protect against cancer diseases-

Pea sprouts are high in antioxidants and carotene.
Pea sprouts are alike garlic, helps our body to fight against free radical damages which may induce cancer related diseases.

Reduce Diabetes


Pea sprouts naturally helps diabetic patients to keep a close watch to their blood sugar level.
It helps to lower the sugar level in blood and reduce the chances of contracting diabetes for obese consumers.

Weight Loss

Lose Weight

For weight watchers and teens who are on diet, consuming pea sprouts would benefit their weight loss compare to swallowing pills or suffering in the gyms.

Pea sprouts contain excellent fiber, nutrients, low in calories that helps one to lose weight without fasting on food.

You can eat delicious pea sprouts to control your body weight, improve metabolism and prevent constipation at the same time.

How to cook pea sprouts?

There are many ways to cook pea sprouts. The most commonly used methods in culinary skills are stir fried and braise methods.

In China provinces, Kiangsu and Chekiang, stir fried shrimps with pea sprouts is the most popular dish served in restaurants and at home. Besides that, saute chopped garlic and season with sesame oil with stir fry pea sprouts make a fragrant simple vegetable recipe.

It is a quick and easy to cook vegetable recipe that requires less ingredients and short cooking time.

Another common method to cook is braise vegetable with fish or meat. Deep fry or stir fry the meat first before adding pea sprouts at the last phase.

How to prepare Pea Sprouts

  • Remove the youngest shoots of pea sprouts from the stems because they taste bitter. Discard them.

  • Wash pea sprout leaves in running tap water 2-3 times to remove dust or sand.

  • Drain pea sprouts before cooking time.

  • Always chop off the lower end of the stems, where the roots grow.

  • Always cook pea sprouts one or two day after purchase or harvest.

#1-Vegetarian Food

For vegetarians, stir fried thickly slices of bamboo shoots with pea sprouts for a refreshing dish.

These wonderful combinations of both sweet in nature vegetables are well balanced and healthy too.

#2-Pea Sprout Salad

In addition, you can mix pea sprouts with fresh vegetable salad which give a crisp and green pea flavor.

I usually replace iceberg lettuce with lots of pea sprouts for a spring flavor.

A wonderful salad to freshen up before your main course meal.

#3- Blend into Vegetable Juice

Alternative choice for those who love to drink fresh juice , you could add in fresh pea sprouts without the stems mix into any that you desire.

Since pea sprouts are naturally sweet, try chopped tomatoes , carrots or spinach.

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28th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this article. I found it to be very interesting. I've never cooked pea sprouts. I have to look at my local vegetable stand and see if they have them.

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Thanks, i hope you can find them at your supermarket

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28th Jul 2015 (#)

I may have eaten them in chinese food but I never had them on my own

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author avatar peachpurple
29th Jul 2015 (#)

thanks, you can find them in soups, stir fries.

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29th Jul 2015 (#)

Pea sprouts are very nourishing. I like all kinds of greens. Good article peachpurple.

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thanks snerfu sir, i love greens too

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