Pennsylvania getting stricter on vaccinations for children in school

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We all need our vaccinations. If we don't get them then we can catch a devastating disease and pass it on. Then everybody not vaccinated will catch it. That is the reason we protect ourselves with vaccines.

Parents and vaccinations

All those other parents who didn't want their children vaccinated , in Pennsylvania, because they have whatever philosophical, religious or medical reason make Pennsylvania one of the states with the least amount of students vaccinated and the state with the most students getting exemptions from vaccinations.

Meningitis and college students

If your child is in Junior high or high school, Pennsylvania has a new proposal that these students pertussis booster vaccine. (Pertussis is just the fancy way of saying the whooping cough vaccine.

The state of Pennsylvania wants its students to have a whooping cough booster by their last year in high school. There are a lot of students in their last year of high school who will go to college and live in dormitories. And then eventually an apartment near the campus, with a lot of roommates to make rent. So Pennsylvania wants your teen to have a meningitis vaccine before they leave high school.. And a whopping cough booster vaccination.

WE usually hear every couple of years of a meningitis virus in a campus dorm and sometimes the sad truth is some young adults die from it. They pass it on to others because they are in such small living quarters and are always around other students on campus.

Pennsylvania's new proposal

Right now the new proposal is just that, a proposal in Pennsylvania on vaccinations. But right now in the state after the first year of junior high school, that is the 7th grade, have to get a vaccine called the TDAP that covers tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis and the meningitis vaccine. After that vaccine in the 7th grade and, of course, your childhood vaccinations a student isn't required to get any other vaccines if they don't desire them.

First time for whooping cough vaccine

Whooping cough vaccine usually get the first dose in toddler years. Doctors are worried when we hit our adulthood our immunity goes down, and we have a better chance of getting whooping cough.. I am an adult and got booster vaccination three years ago. I got a booster shot because whooping cough was going around my area. But since adults don't have as much immunity. some hospitals when an adult mother who is taking home her newborn baby she is offered a whooping cough vaccine. because their baby won't get their first whooping cough vaccine until they become toddlers. Hospitals are worried mom might get it and nice it to the newborn. Especially if the mother is breastfeeding and they are getting close for however long , the mother breastfeeds. Most of the new mothers had their last whooping cough vaccine in grade school.

We need these seventh graders to get the whooping cough vaccine . As there was one school district in Pennsylvania where the Superintendent, Melanie Kerbner didn't give the exact month , but she said but said earlier in 2015 one of her district high school students caught the whooping cough. Medicine girl knows three siblings who had it at once , and they laid in bed and coughed so hard that their mothers kept bringing buckets for them to vomit . It doesn't sound like its the nicest illness.

Pennsylvania and vaccinations

There are other rules being prosed that Melanie Kerbner likes because they protect our students.

IN Pennsylvania there is a proposal to get more kids vaccinated as on a average year only 86 percent of kindergarteners the first year at a regular school have their immunizations up for whatever vaccines they should have by that age . The new proposal would make the vaccination law stricter than it is now.

Pennsylvania says if when a child comes for the first day of school they should have their immunizations up to date. But then they give them eight months they can get those immunizations. If the student doesn't have the vaccinations they have to bring a medical document that gives the plans for getting all the vaccines they need to catch up within five days of the first day of school.

But they are getting a little stricter. In the first day of school in Autumn 2014 139 children in Pennsylvania were denied school because they were missing a vaccine.


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author avatar Retired
7th Nov 2015 (#)

If you live in a society you should stick to that society's rules. It is a nonsense that people are allowed exemptions from rules that benefit everyone.

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author avatar Jennifer Dombrowski
8th Nov 2015 (#)

John Welford I tiotally agree! But there are all these so called experts who tell us that it is dangerous for us to get vaccinated. It is dangerous to NOT get vaccinated! THanks for the comment!

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author avatar Retired
8th Nov 2015 (#)

The biggest danger is surely that diseases continue to exist within communities and they could easily be eliminated if everyone was vaccinated.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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