Personality Disorders

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When a person is not flexible and maladjusted with an impaired social life including work, that person is suffering from personality disorder.

Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders

When a person is not flexible and maladjusted with an impaired social life including work, that person is suffering from personality disorder. The personality disorders are as follows:


A certain degree of self-love or narcissism is healthy. However, when the degree is too much becomes unhealthy. Here, an individual has inability to develop or form lasting attachment to others. A person with narcissistic feeling of personality tends to overestimate his ability and then suffers from worthlessness. With this suffering, the individual craves for love, attention, and admiration to bolster his self- esteem.


A person who is paranoid is suspicious about specific persons of things. He mistrusts everyone even when presented with evidence of truth. He has distorted outlook in life.

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality

In this field of psychiatry, a person with this kind of personality has limited ability to express warm and tender feelings towards his comrades. His behavior interferes with normal relationships. He is concerned always with fact rather than feelings.

Schizophrenic Disorder

This disorder has been described as the cancer of mental illness, with unknown causes. It is also called “spitting of the mind”. It is a kind of disorder where a person has a high distorted sense that impairs his perceptions, thinking, emotions, speech, and physical activity. It is prevalent among urban poor due to the greater stresses of poverty. The cause of illness may relate to joblessness, occupation, and deeper financial constraints due to poverty. Many theories have arisen but there are no conclusive answers about the causes of schizophrenia. There is no cure for this disorder.

The primary symptoms are: chronic disorder in thinking, accompanied by auditory hallucinations or delusions. The most acceptable approach to a person with schizophrenia is the family behavior- understanding the person with this disorder. The environment must be conductive to the person with the disorder. He or she must have adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical and psychiatric treatment.

Anxiety Disorders

There are several categories of anxiety. Among them are persistent anxiety for at least one month and specific anxiety which affect the physical and mental conditions including the emotions of the person. Persistent anxiety which will e experienced by a normal person within the normal condition of his life, while specific anxiety affects a person’s well-being example are phobias, panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress.

A phobia is a fear of a specific object, activity, or a situation that produces the desire to avoid what is feared. It is irrational behavior. When a person has fear of crowds or an elevator, the phobia is called agoraphobia. The fear of speaking in public is called a social phobia. Phobia can be treated by behavioral method called Systematic Desentization.


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