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There are people who are really pet lovers and there also who don't like to have pets - for their own different reasons. It is really difficult for someone who doesn’t like pets to mingle or to live around with people who are pet aficionados. Someone could not say anything against the pets to avoid hated arguments or anything that could offend to a friend who is a pet lover.

How Pet's Hair Allergy Triggers

Questions may inevitably come up, is it really pet's hair that would really triggers symptoms of an allergy? Some said no, and some said yes indeed. For pet lovers, we all understand that our pets shed their hairs. It would just be lesser on short-haired than long-haired pets. On the experts’ point of view, it is not really the particular pet's hair or fur that causes the symptoms but it is the dander where some people allergic to it.

A dander is minute flakes or dead skin of our pets being carried by their hair being shed. It's not only that, this also includes saliva when mostly our pets lick us and their urine that sometimes we stump barefoot on the floor. Therefore, it is not the matter of pet's long or short hair but generally they both are contributors. The dander is the particular allergen which is the reason of pet's allergy.

How and Why Allergen Causes Sneezing
Human beings have different kind of immune systems, oversensitive and less sensitive which can tolerate allergens. For people who have very sensitive immune systems, their physical body would immediately react on any allergen that are being detected by their immune systems - like pet's dander - and quickly fight the allergen just like what would be bacteria or any viruses that would be coming in our body. Sneezing is just the outcome of our body fighting to eliminate or flush away the said allergen.

Skin or Blood Test for Pet's Hair Allergy
A test called RAST (radioallergosorbent test) would be done by a licensed medical specialist to check if you have pet's hair allergy - via skin or blood samples. It is really advisable to have a reliable medical test rather than relying on your own assumptions. Some people think they have pet's allergies that turn out to be of not really with them. There are isolated cases that they are wrong with their assumptions because there might cases our pets - dogs or cats - may bring pollen or molds carried by their coat from their outside activities.

Though pet's hair allergy tests are beneficial, they are not always accurate conclusion on pet owner's concern. In order to have an accurate analysis on allergy tests, examining doctor might suggest living without pets momentarily. This is to level down the existing pet's dander on the house premises and likewise checking your allergen tolerance without pets on the house. This could be done - living with out pets in the house - for a month or two to have an accurate result on allergy tests.

Common Symptoms of Pet's Hair Allergy
The following symptoms are most likely same on those who have nasal allergy.
• Interval coughing and wheezing
• Redness and Itchiness of the eyes
• Stuffy, runny and itchiness of the nose
• Uncontrollable sneezing
If symptoms still really persist in spite of taking prescribed medicines, better see or call your doctor as soon as possible.


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