Phobia and Its Weird Cases

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Phobia is an excessive scared of something that not supposed to be scared of that sometimes could endanger themselves. Phobia people need support from people around them to recovery.

Phobia and Its Weird Cases

Phobia or excessive fear towards something or objects is probably the thing that sometimes we found in a few people around us or even ourselves. There are some that can be tolerated, but many are also looks strange, absurd and far-fetched for those who do not have any phobia.
From the few things that sounded strange and unreasonable, here some of which may rarely heard:
1. Ablutophobia
   Ablutophobia not the same as Aquaphobia (fear of water). Ablutophobia is worse, the excessive fear of activities of bathing, washing or any activities that related with cleaning. Don't want to take a bath for the kids are common thing and frequently encountered, but if the fear we have encountered in adults, it would be disgusting and make people shunned from their social environment, will also be problematic for them. The problem is not as simple as people who lazy to take a bath like most people, but because they have a fear of their own that is not made-up and come within themselves unexpectedly.
2. Aichmophobia
     Aichmophobia or fear of sharp objects such as needles or knife is probably the thing that can be tolerated. But if fear is spreading to all other objects are also considered as sharp in terms of have an angle as sharp table corners, a stretched finger pointing, pencils and so on, and even react in heart palpitations, cold sweat and hysterical look at these objects, of course, this should be treated because it can lead to death from exhaustion due to the reaction.
I have a friend with a phobia of anything with a sharp shape so that any objects should be covered its sharp corner or disguised in such a way that she was not aware of the sharp shape of the object.
3. Cibophobia
     Humans need to eat and drink for survival. But how if someone scared of a food or beverage and overreact to see them? or in some cases even against all types of food and drink? Certainly a scary thing. But the good news, on Cibophobia person, the term for people who suffer of this fear, the phobia is not too scary like some weird phobia above. Usually phobia sufferers are only limited fear of food or beverages which are prepared and processed by others, or paranoid on some foods packaging, expiration date, etc.
4. Ergophobia
     Fear on the world of work sounds as normal experienced by a person as a form of self-distrust. However, people who have got to the stage phobia works urgently need help to overcome their phobia, especially for those who have to work by themselves to meet their needs. Fears on the world of work for this phobia sufferer is more than just what an ordinary people call as job stress. They are not just afraid of what they do in their job, afraid of the boss or afraid of particular environment in their work area, but they were thoroughly frightened, even in extreme cases afraid to be in any work environment anywhere and sometimes for no apparent reason.
That's some weird phobia but real. People with this phobia and some other more common phobia, need our help to recover from trauma. We need to empathize with them, rather than making them easy targets of ridicule or to our amusement.


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