Physical Therapy For Children

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There are certain rules to keep for receiving the maximum effect and avoiding any negative consequences

Physical Therapy For Children

Pediatric physical therapy Brooklyn has a wide spectrum of application. Some procedures can be applied even on the first day after birth. It gives rather good results in treating various diseases. Still, the pediatric physical therapy has its peculiarities. There are certain rules to keep for receiving the maximum effect and avoiding any negative consequences.

The functionality, tissues, and physiology of the child’s organism completely differ from the adult’s one. With time all these factors change but they must be taken into account while appointing the certain course of procedures, determining its duration and localization of action.
Here are important physical differences between a child and an adult organism:
1. Children have thinner skin with less cellular layers.
2. The nervous system of children reacts to any stimulation much faster. The effect of physical therapy procedures does not stay in strict localization but spreads all over the nearest elements of the spinal brain much faster.
3.The bone tissues in children are more fragile. That means more risk of traumatization. In addition, the bone tissues in children contain more water. It allows the energy of physical factors to reach deeper and act more intensively.
4. The heart of a child is bigger than of an adult. The muscle fibers are thinner and looser. This determines some specialties in the work of the cardiovascular system.
5. The nasal tract is shorter and narrower; they are moisturized less.
6. The kidney's’ filtration abilities are weaker.

The list of contraindications in pediatric physical therapy is significant. The procedures cannot be applied when the child is tired, has the inflammatory disease, weak adaptation ability, bad blood clotting, underweight, and has the individual intolerance to the physical factors. A child must not undergo them an hour before or after meals or after the infectious disease.


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