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Why is it pimples seem to appear at the most inconvenient times! Before a formal occasions, interview or even a first date, theses horrible spots are not picky! So what is the quickest way to resolve this stressful problem?

Quick Pimple Treatment

First off stress, believe it or not is a massive contributing factor in the formation on spots, acne and pimples. This is due to the havoc stress causes on your hormones, flooding the system with inflammation and this may result in a skin flare up in certain people.

But what can you do?
1. It's ease to say relax, but it will help. Feeling relaxed allows the body to heal, fight infection and reduce inflationary response. You don't have to do anything special, just something that makes you feel happy. A warm bath, a funny movie, a nice long walk, a massage or even a little nap.

2. Try not to pick. I hate this part, 'cause I just what to squeeze! I always make this mistaking, thinking it will speed up the revolve. However it doesn't, why? Because a pimple is so far in the skin that squeezing it will simply create more inflammation, redness and even infection. So you're really making more hassle for yourself, resist!

3. When you have a pimple, the minute you feel one brewing apply some ice. Wrap an ice cube in a flannel and hold over the pimple for a couple of minutes. Try to do this when every you can, throughout the day. This will help reduce swelling.

4. Apply an anti inflammatory topical treatment. The best I have every used is a treatment containing nicomide (nicotinamide). This is the active form of vitamin B3, it works by reducing inflammation and redness. It's available in a product called papulex and nicam gel, from the pharmacy. At night, after cleansing apply a thick layer of the gel to the spots or pimple, allow to dry before going to bed. In the morning wash any residue off and apply another thin layer, and this time gentle massage in so there is no visible mask. After a couple of days the pimple should be gone.

5. In an emergency, apply the gel heavily to the pimple after you've used the ice method.


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