Pink Eye: How Do You Know ?

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Some eye infections are very contagious, Pink eye is one of the most contagious of all., those who come in contact with someone who has this infection are at a vey high risk of becoming infected.

How Can You Tell If You Have Pink Eye?

Bacterial conjunctivitis more commonly known as “pink eye”, is the most common eye infection in both children and adults. Another common infection is Blepharitis chronic inflammation of the eyelid due to infection. One of the most well-known forms of blepharitis is staphylococcal.

Bacterial conjunctivitis or Pink eye is often the cause of red,itchy eyes that fell like theyre burning. Pink eye also produces a discharge and some times your eyes will seem to be swollen.You may feel like you have something in your eyes and when you wake up in the morning your eyes may be stuck shut by the discharge coming from your eyes.

There is a staph infection that may have symptoms similar to bacterial conjunctivitis and will include red sore eyes that itch and are sensitive to light There will also be scaing and crusting along the eyelashes. You will need your doctor to help you with the determination if you think you have a staph infection.

these type of eye infections are extremely contagious, as is pink eye. Those who come in contact with someone who has this infection are at a vey high risk of becoming infected. Touching an infected eye leaves drainage on your hand. If you touch your other eye or an any object when you have drainage on your hand, the bacteria can be spread.

Let me reiterate.Eye infections may be highly contagious and may require absence from work or school. Often a doctor will prescribe an anti-bacterial topical solution or ointment for treatment. It’s very important not to rub your eyes, because it will cause you to contaminate your hands and fingers.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water throughout the day. Warm compresses applied to the eye can sooth the symptoms. Wet tea bags are especially soothing.
It is always wise to see your doctor when ever you may have an eye infection.


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