Planning Your C-Section

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Tips on how to prepare if you need to have a second c-section

Planning Your Second C-Section

If you have had a c-section before and you are expecting to have another one, then here are some tips you might want to consider. Since C-sections take a longer time to heal from make sure you check with your doctor or a new doctor to see if you really need one. Once you have determined that this is your only way out to have another c-section, then take a moment to prepare yourself.

Most likely you forgot most of the experience with the exception of the painful highlights like constipation, painful stiffness in the abdomen area, the trouble of specific areas like catheter, exhaustion, and bleeding.

This time around make sure you :

1. Drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses of water

2. Find out when your section is and ask your doctor about when you can
take Colace 100 mg stool softener. My doctor said 1 week before the
date of the c-section surgery.

3. Take it easy. Relax. Light walking is a good idea.

4. Juice it up. Take your blender out and mix some kale, probiotic yogurt,
grapes, tangerines or oranges with 1or two carrots and you will have a
healthy, detoxifying, rebuilding juice that will help with the healing

5. Don’t eat too many foods that cause constipation around month 9 like
diary products, bananas, go to my article on “ Constipation Blues” at the
link below for more foods and prevention tips.

With these tips, you will be able to get up and around by the second day as I did just this past March 31, 2011 when I had my daughter. I did a little walking around my hospital room the second day after the catheter was taken out. I was still on pain meds though and I did take a shower by myself that second day.

Last time, I was not getting around for a couple days at least and I had so many problems with bowels and pain, so remember to do all these 5 things before going into surgery. I am so much better now that I did all these things. I also realized that c-sections have a 3 day minimum stay before you can be released. So you probably won’t be out before day 4.


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author avatar Songbird B
16th Apr 2011 (#)

Good practical advice, Fleur, Thank you for sharing this..

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author avatar JohnH
16th May 2011 (#)

excellent advice, sending this to a friend of mine.

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