Positive Things You Can Do When You Can’t Sleep

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The next time you can’t sleep, don’t fight it. Welcome it! Use the time to do some of these positive things. You can actually enjoy these times.

Positive Things You Can Do When You Can’t Sleep

If you can learn to enjoy the times that you can’t sleep, instead of dreading it when it happens, you can almost look forward to it, because you know that you can use that time wisely and productively.

Here are some great things that you can do:

1) You can count sheep and see how many sheep you have. (Just kidding)

2) Think of all your friends and see how your relationship is going. Are there any that you haven’t talked to in a while? Is there one for whom you can do something positive?

3) Do you have a problem to solve? Great, you have all night to think of different approaches to solve it.

4) You might think about a poem or a song you can write or some other enjoyable creative things.

5) You can also use some of the time in prayer. That can’t hurt! It might make up for all the times you rushed your prayers. Remember; God never sleeps!

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Some have found that if they drink enough water in the day (eight to twelve glasses), they seldom have a problem sleeping. But if they do, they can just lie in bed and do some creative positive things!

If you are happy that you can’t sleep then you are not worrying about it. Then before too long, you might just fall asleep. Pleasant dreams!

Note: If you have a serious health problem then see a qualified health professional.


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