Positive Thoughts For Weight Loss

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A article covering the effectiveness of using positive thoughts for weight loss instead of being to hard on yourself.

Start of on the right foot - positive thoughts for weight loss!

You go through hundreds of thoughts on a daily basis. You talk to yourself more than you talk to anyone else. This is normal in all people but it is these thoughts that can sometimes stop us achieving what we set out to do - negative thoughts are a brick wall! These negative beliefs have been constructed by you, and accepted by you as truth.

In this article we will be looking at using positive thoughts for weight loss effectively and why we tend to shy towards the more negative thoughts. Where did these negative thoughts about you originate? Sadly a lot of the time they come from the people who we love or who we spend the most time with. They might have grown the thought by saying something like “she/he is fat” and you have cultivated those opinions to negative thoughts - we need positive thoughts for weight loss not negative!

By listening to this rubbish you are letting these idiots control your life through comments they said years ago. Nobody has the right or power to dictate who you are. Negative thoughts will cause you to quit much sooner at whatever you are doing. This is the main reason we need to cultivate positive thoughts for weight loss - to stick with the program!

Having the correct mindset is key to losing weight. When you start out it may be very new to you - have you ever attempted to lose weight before? The same old negative thoughts will probably run through your head - I’m too fat, Why would anyone want to be with me - I'm large!, I will never be thin, I always fail - I will probably fail at this. Do you see where I'm going here - these thoughts will not help you in any way, we need to turn them into positive thoughts for weight loss and then go from there.

Now, how do you think your life would improve if you were to go a step further and change your inner thoughts by only speaking positively about yourself. You will see a drastic change in your outlook and you will feel that you can achieve anything!

Your goal is to feel good now - how do you feel now? If you only observe what you feel is positive about you - you will feel good. I know the title of this article is 'positive thoughts for weight loss' but the techniques work for any aspect of life. Positive thinking really can make a difference!

Your emotional state is the control valve that determines what you draw into your experience. I know I sound a little 'green' or 'hippy like' here but I assure you I am not. About three years back I started applying these positive thinking techniques to my work life and then in turn my dieting plan. I found that the positive thoughts for weight loss actually worked out a little better for me than the other 'problems' I had in my life.

So ignore what the people say - life is far to short! If you are unhappy with yourself it is your right to change things. Use positive thoughts for weight loss and see the difference in your results, good luck!


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