Positive addictions are good habits, here is what I mean in this series of mini-articles.

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This is a series of mini-articles I am starting here on wikinut on good habits, positive affirmations, and many other self-improvement and health maintenence through good habit related topics that I do or come to me as ideas for that.


Brian Tracy once said, and I paraphrase somewhat, but the essence of the quote is there: "Positive affirmations open up new potentialities and vistas for positive achievement in life and existence." The point of this section is to encourage a good and great habit, which is consistent positive affirmation and put down a bad habit, consistent negative affirmation, and put it down for good. An example of the worst consistent negative affiramtion of all that some people still have is: "I am a lifetime smoker." If that is not a genuine example of the ultimate negative affirmation, I do not know what is. But here is the ultimate two positve affirmations: "I am grateful" and "I have ideal self-esteem." Sure, a very close third is Emile Coue's "every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." My point is, the more concise and easy to use and remember the affirmation is, the more powerful it is.
Affirmations and their consistently increasing accumulative effectiveness for either positive or negative, though, prove their power to create through their use.
So, think of this: An affirmation in a small way when used once, is a thought actualized. An affirmation used consistently is a life created. Note I did not say "created for positvie or negative" specifically, because the reality of affirmations can go any way we take it. But, myself, I purely prefer the positive side of it. One of my personal favorites is "I am patient, understanding, tolerant and I look for the good side of all situations."
The experience of life and existence is what we make it through affirmations conscious and unconscious, though. When the affirmation becomes inculcated into the deeper parts of the unconscious, that is when we experience the real power of affirmations. Think of this also, positive affirmations are more powerful really than negative, because they are desired more consciously and unconsciously at all levels really. Naturally, they would be, because who really wants to consciously fail at what they are doing even if it is on "the bad side" or the good end of things. That is also my point. Next section, visualization.


When I write about visualization, I am writing more about feeling what you want, not so much actually visualizing in your mind so much. For, if you notice, visualization happens in the feelings more than in the mind for even the best visualizers. Sure, when you get good at it, you "see it" in the mind. But all visualizers across the gamut of visualization feel the images first and then "see" them.
But more importantly, the images and feelings are believed in deeply, very deeply. "When you want something deep enough, you get it" the old, old saying goes. When you visualize it consistently, it does take less effort and work really to "see" it in your mind, too.
But, the mistake most people make in visualization is trying to actually see initially instead of feel first, then see when you become more used to the technique. That is also my point. Indeed, you must believe first, and then see in fully cognitive ways.
So, my final point is that old point that too many writers make, but they are right on the money: Practice makes perfect.

Beyond potential into actualization.

So, potential goes into actualization when you take action, or there is a genuine impetus to action. Actualization in a positive way is a positive addiction to not procrastinating. To become a winner, you must think and act like one, which means self-actualization. Loss and apathy are self-actualization in a negative way, and most of that comes from taking things for granted. Refer to the previous sections to see what I mean by actualization techniques used negatively or positively. When I say good habits, I mean all resources are being used positively and not taken for granted in any assumptive way.
To go beyond potential takes action. No matter what form that action may take to actualize, it takes that. Every journey begins with taking the first step, then the next, then the next until you are there. Going beyond potential to actualization is not an exception. If you just "see" or visualize without action, you are a dreamer. If you affirm without following through, you are just a "big talker" or boaster. But if you follow through, you are a person of action who gets things done. Going beyond potential to positive actualization is the best habit anyone can have.

The better we are, the better life is.

It all starts with thinking. But without action, thought is nothing. At the end of the road of thinking, there is genuinely beneficial action. But do we always want to take the actions we need to take? Not always. Sometimes the best actions seem like the worst from an emotional standpoint in that they are what we genuinely need, not want. Like some people feel about chocolate cake over brussels sprouts when given the choice. Rationality should have everything to do with actions, and actions should produce emotions, not emotions producing actions. The most chaotic life we can live is a purely emotionally driven one with fear of loss or fear of gain being at the forefront. So, a little advice here: Be calm, think rationally always, and do not let your emotions get the best of you.
I have to genuinely follow my own advice to the letter in every way that counts. Why? Because I see this is the best way to live no matter what I emotionally feel about it at times, or I have to make a decision I do not like. Listen, life is only as good as we are in this sense: When our actions produce our emotions and they are fullty cognitive and rational, things do work better, play better and do everything better. All we have to do is be disciplined and productive at any level, even when "not desired", but needed, and it will all work.
Look here, work and doing what is needed is not always my favorite thing either, but, I would rather do that than to do what is bad for me.
So, when I say in the title "The better we are, the better life is", this foregoing sentences are what I mean in a nutshell, if not exactly. I am not perfect I admit, but my actions generally produce my emotions in a rational way, and I do what I can to do the right thing, even when I do not like it or do like it. But, know this: Like it or not, the right thing is the best. That is my big point there. The best life we can live is the rational one, though. That has always been my reality at my low points and high points in my life, because any other way than that would be destructively chaotic. Life is a series of up moments and down times anyway, so why not take it in stride, calmly and honestly according to the facts whatever they may be? The better we are, the better life is.

Bad habits are simply energy and creativity wrongly used.

The energy you or anyone gives to bad habits, can be changed to the opposite good and the right energy given to a good habit. Sure, that sounds overly simple, but, how did you get the bad habit? You got it in the same way you got the good habits. You got used to them.

Sure, life is what we make it and I prefer to do my best and never my worst as a habit. I definitively admit that. When we understand fully, we cannot help but benefit ourselves in the best ways possible. Render unto what is bad, what is bad. Render unto what is good, what is good takes on new meaning as I paraphrase the words of Christ: "Render unto Caesar what is Ceasar's. Render unto Christ, what is Christ's." Our beneficial empire of life is within the good, our destruction is all that is bad, that is what I mean by that paraphrased quote and direct quote. So, we start by rendering unto the bad what is bad, and rendering to the good, what is good. Ourr reverence for our lives starts and end within ourselves and the right use of our energies.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Oct 2013 (#)

I face setback with a take that this will also pass, so just ride it through - siva .

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10th Oct 2013 (#)

Joshua, good points. Thanks for sharing.

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