Postpartum Depression: Symptoms, Solution and the Way Forward.

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Postpartum Depression is an imbalance that always occur after childbirth and must be checked with the following advise from experts in the field.

Postpartum Depression.

The term postpartum depression refers to depressive episode following childbirth, this occurs after the birth of a child, sometimes it can occur following miscarriage or termination of pregnancy. There are certain development after childbirth which is a well known fact and are recognized by health practitioners as "blues or baby blues" and it holds that this is the genesis and or beginning of postpartum depression. It could be characterized by mild sadness, anxiety, irritability, fluctuating mood and fatigue.

In a research conducted in the United State of America by the American college of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, they estimated that in one out of ten mothers, these feelings are observable which signify that the feelings of sadness, anxiety or despair can be so intense that the new mother may have trouble coping with her daily task of rearing the newborn.

Causes of Postpartum Depression.

Although there is no clear cut and or well defined cause of postpartum depression, but health workers implied both physical and emotional factors to be the culprit. They argued that in a physical look it implies that in the first 24 to 48 hours after birth some hormones notably progesterone and estrogen drop drastically to a point as low as was perceived before conception. Thus causing an imbalance in the body system and caused an abrupt change in the physiological component of the body.

Some experts believed that postpartum depression can be the handiwork of nutritional imbalance and they opines that a "B complex" deficiency can trigger this. Equally, fatigue and lack of adequate sleep can be implicated as a more dangerous cause to postpartum depression.

In the emotional realm an unplanned pregnancy, a premature birth, loss of freedom, concern about attractiveness, and lack of support can also trigger depression.


It is comforting and interesting to know that postpartum depression is both temporary and treatable, in the case of a mild and minor symptoms, experts advised that rest and intense family support is needed to cope with the imbalance, but in severe cases that mother's ability to function properly is disrupted, it is worth getting in contact with the medical experts in the field.

Similarly, the common treatment to this are, antidepressant medication, talking with a medical health experts,hormone treatment, or a combination of these depending on the severity of the case.

The Way Forward

Since it has been exposed to limelight the major factors and or causes of postpartum depression, that it is lack of rest, other family members and good neighbors can help by assuming some of the household responsibilities and sharing in the child's care. Someone should rally round the mother to act as a sympathetic listener giving the new mother reassurance that all is well and avoiding criticizing with a view to passing judgment.

It's worthwhile talking to someone about your feelings, especially other mothers. Find time to do something for yourself, even if it is for only 15 minutes a day, try reading and taking a walk, taking a relaxing bath.

Isolation often perpetuate depression. Get dressed and leave the house for at least a short while each day. Fresh air and a change of scenery will do you and your baby much good,

From the foregoing, it can be adduced that postpartum depression period can be a wonderful and stressful time for new mothers, understanding it can help us to give the support new mothers need.


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A very interesting post, most people aren't even aware of this illness, thank you so much for sharing Hanson.

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nice article and explained in a very nice way.Thanks for sharing

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