Prednisone, a real treatment for Bell's Palsy

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A dehydrogenated analogue of cortisol used as an anti-inflammatory drug in the treatment of arthritis and as an immunosuppressant, also used for the treatment of Bell's Palsy.

Drug used for the treatment of Bell's Palsy

As we all know that Bell's Palsy is a disease in which the patient is unable to control facial nerves. it can also be termed as facial paralysis. it happens because of the facial nerve's dysfunctional state. Several conditions could be the cause of facial paralyzes. it could be brain tumor, stroke, and Lyme disease.

There are so many ways to treat this disease, depending on the cause of paralyzes. But almost in all cases, doctors prescribe a very good medicine, which is called as Prednisone. It is a corticosteroid that is effective as immunosuppressant and it has effect on all of the immune system. It has adverse effects as well. Usually it is taken orally. It is also delivered by intramuscular injection. It is prodrug, that is converted into prednisolone by the liver, which is the active drug and also a steroid.

Besides, it can be used in inflammatory diseases, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, nephrotic syndrome, Still's disease, uveitis, to prevent and treat rejection in organ transplantation, systemic lupus erythematosus, severe urushiol-induced contact dermatitis etc.

This medicine was synthesized for the first time in 1955 in the lab of Schering Corporation. This corporation later became Schering-Plough Corporation.

The side-effects include high blood glucose levels, particularly in patients who already have diabetes or are on other medicines that increase glucose level in the blood. Other short-term effects are insomnia, euphoria, truncal weight gain, osteoporosis, glaucoma, type II diabetes mellitus, and depression upon withdrawal.


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author avatar Patrice Campbell
26th Jul 2010 (#)

This happened to me years ago. After months of electric stimulation to my face muscles, I was thrilled to feel pain when a shock hit a filling. I knew I was on my way to recovery.
Great info.

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author avatar Ehsan
27th Jul 2010 (#)

I had this disease like 2 months ago. I was so disappointed because this was a totally new experience for me. Then somebody told me to look for the details on the Internet. I read the details and then visited neurologist. Some steroids helped, and thank God it wasn’t because of some tumor. I appreciate that you replied though. :)

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author avatar Emma3777
26th Mar 2012 (#)

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Prednisone) - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jun 2012 (#)

Interesting. Thank you for sharing.:)

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