Pregnancy Anxiety And The Double Effects

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this page gives a discussion of how one can be pregnant and at the same time suffering from anxiety, the signs and also the way forward is shown here, we can learn from it.

anxiety during pregnancy

Pregnancy anxiety is a result of pregnancy and the transition to parenthood. These two conditions involve major psychological and social changes in future parents. These changes have been linked to an increase in anxiety rates and depression symptoms.
A big number of women are known to undergo high or low anxiety during the second trimester of pregnancy. The high anxiety women also experience high scores on depression and anger scales. the fetus of a high anxiety mother may not grow well due to alot of activeness.

Pregnancy anxiety is known for some issues like shorter gestation & higher incidence of preterm birth, smaller birth weight and length, increased risk of miscarriage. The anxiety can be caused by both body reactions as well as external factors found in the environment. infants of women who experience pregnancy anxiety can face challenges like temperamental problems and increased fussiness, problems with attention, attention regulation, and emotional reactivity, lower scores on measures of mental development.

The children of such women suffer from hyperactivity and inattention in boys, emotional problems in girls and boys, conduct problems in girls. This may grow schizophrenia and severe depression in adults whose mothers went through pregnancy anxiety. Pregnancy anxiety that may go all the way to he time for child birth can be caused b issues like Personal or family history of an anxiety or mood disorder e.g depression, for example, high stress levels related to the new baby, marriage problems, injury or illness, loss of a loved one, or changes in finances, a job, or living arrangements, difficult personal life experiences such as miscarriage or death of a child, a high-risk pregnancy, a traumatic childbirth experience, or a history of abuse especially sexual abuse, being sensitive to hormone changes or even lack of support.

Any woman going through pregnancy anxiety can develop a self help system whereby one should tell a partner or a trusted family member or friend how they are feeling, consulting a doctor for a referral to a health care provider who is specialized in perinatal mood and anxiety issues, earn as much as possible, and getting good sleep can help reduce the symptoms.

The people who happen to be around the woman can also b of great help through listening and not dismissing her feelings, being patient, supportive, and non-judgmental, encouraging her to get help, offer to help with childcare or housework and to gain self awareness about these conditions.

Pregnancy anxiety is yet to be fully explored on how it has such high effects and impacts on the mother and the baby, though there is a clear indication of relationship between a number of aspects like women who are most anxious about a pregnancy seem to be more insecurely attached, of certain cultural backgrounds, more likely to have a history of infertility or to be carrying unplanned pregnancies, and have fewer psychosocial resources. Thorough studies are needed on depressive symptoms, anxiety symptom, pregnancy anxiety and any form of stress on maternal and infant outcome.


Anxiety, Effects Of, While Pregnant

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