Prescriptions Are A Guessing Game

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Explaining how doctors don't know exactly which medication will work for you. They can only guess and keep changing it until the right one works with a person's chemistry.

Our bodies

One person's chemistry is different from someone else's chemistry. Medications are not developed and special made to meet one person's needs. It is developed and made to cure a particular health issue. Luckily there are several medications created with this one particular health target in mind. Though they are created for the same reason, that doesn't mean they work for each and every single person on this earth. Everyone's chemistry is different and reacts differently to medications.


Doctors aren't magicians. They went to school and are have knowledge about how the body works. They know which medications are available for that particular health issue. They cannot tell a patient which brand of that medication is going to work for their particular needs. It's a guessing game. Doctors use the process of elimination method. They will try a patient on Medication A. If that one isn't working, they will move to Medication B. And then Medication C and so on until they find the one that works. Sadly, the pharmacies won't reimburse you for the ones that didn't work, so you have to keep your fingers crossed that the first one takes care of the issue.


The patient is always happy when it is discovered which medication seems to be working. Funny thing is, suddenly a year or two down the road on this medication, suddenly it doesn't work anymore. Our bodies do that too. They build a resistance, or immunity, to the medication they've been taking for so long. Back to the drawing board. Now the doctor has to find a new one that will work. It's a vicious cycle, but it's how medications work. It's also not uncommon, after years of being off the first medication that worked and then quit working, it will work again.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jan 2015 (#)

Human body is the best pharmacy, so better not tamper with it. Every medicine has a side effect, even vitamins, that make our liver and kidney work to ingest it in our system. So try best to avoid medication - siva

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author avatar RondaKay
4th Jan 2015 (#)

Agreed Sivaramakrishnan A.
Medications made from all natural ingredients is definitely the better way to go. For sure.

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author avatar Carol Roach
5th Jan 2015 (#)

Yes unfortunately that is the way, everyone's system is different and it is very much a guessing game

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author avatar Judy Ellen
13th Jan 2015 (#)

So glad to see you moved here from Bubblews! I am so thrilled to see so many of my bubble buddies here! I am now following you! God bless

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