Preventing and Minimizing Acne

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Hate that red zit on the corner of your nose?

Everybody knows acne – it’s the worst enemy of all adolescents and young adults. This red zit on the cheek or on your nose makes everyone miserable and creates low self esteem.

Sebum is oil produced by our hormones which cause the skin to clog and results to the formation of pimples or acne especially during puberty where our hormones are very active.

How to Deal With Pimples

Below are some tips you could use to save your face and helps boost your self esteem.

1. There are many soaps in the market nowadays that are designed of oily skin – those that contains benzoyl peroxide and sulfur are good – buy one which you think is effective then wash your face with it two times a day to help the oil glands refrain from producing too much sebum
2. Tie your hair or just keep it out of your face to avoid adding dirt to your face
3. Never pop your pimples, I know almost everyone does it including me but popping them could aggravate their condition because of the bacteria that could infect them. If you want them to appear small or hidden for the big date then try consulting a practiced dermatologist.
4. If you fancy makeup, make sure that their ingredients are hypoallergenic noncomedogenic and oil free to avoid further infection
5. Use a sun block that is also water based and oil free when you were going out
6. Never sleep with makeup on, always remove them afterwards. Allowing your face to sleep with makeup on could infect the skin and make the pores intoxicated with chemicals from make ups.
7. Use a toner to get rid of the remaining oil on your pores. There are many commercialized cleanser and toner made especially for acne prone skin.
8. Eat healthy, avoid fatty foods as these also triggers the formation of acne, eat a balance diet to help our cell regenerate and drink lots of fluid – water and fresh fruit juices – as they get rid of the toxins in our system

A clear, well moisturized skin is great and can uplift our spirit so let us do our best to maintain it. Nobody dreams of being born with oily skin but proper treatment, right nutrients and a professional help could help us control our over oil production in order to achieve a youthful, acne free glow.


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