Preventing the abuse of Xanax

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Using Xanax to calm your nerves can be helpful. It is an addictive drug that can be prevented with the tips below.


Xanax, also known by the generic name, Alprazolam, is prescribed to patients for anxiety or sever stress. When it is prescribed by doctors, the use of the medication is for short-term use. However, many doctors will allow their patients to remain on the drug for a long period of time.

Calming effect

The drug has a calming effect for a patient. Many patients who cannot calm themselves down naturally begin to rely on the Xanax as the only way to calm his or her nerves. When this happens, a patient can soon become addicted to the drug. Instead of being able to deal with stress naturally one relies solely on the Xanax.


To prevent one from becoming addicted to Xanax it is the responsibility of several people: the doctor, the pharmacist and the patient. Xanax is too easy of a drug to come by. Doctors have become easily influenced by patients requesting just a small prescription to get them through the stressful times.


Doctors need to take the significance of Xanax addiction more seriously. When discussing the prescription with the patient a doctor should discuss two main factors with the patient. The doctor should talk to the patient about the history of addiction within the patient’s family and the patient themselves. In addition the doctor should discuss with the patient that Xanax can be an addictive drug and should not be used without trepidation.


A pharmacist should notice if a patient is getting too many prescriptions filled of Xanax. If a patient asks for a prescription to be filled early for whatever reason, the pharmacy should refuse. While this is the protocol, it doesn’t always happen. Many times the pharmacist will fill the prescription early.

The patient

If you are the patient you must know yourself and if you have an addictive personality. Learn other forms of reducing stress instead of turning to the use of a pill. Discuss with your doctor what else you can do to reduce anxiety. If you feel you are becoming addicted, contact your doctor immediately. There is no shame in admitting addition. This is an amazing step and one should be commended for realizing he or she is addicted.


To help reduce stress or anxiety there are several different things you can do: start an exercise program, meditate, or journal. Finding an outlet for your stress is extremely important. Relying on a pill to solve your problem will only make it more challenging to reduce stress in the long run.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
11th Sep 2010 (#)

Very informative Kristen. My wife would say it's because of my staunch German ancestry, but I don't believe in crutches of any kind. Unfortunately, too many people cannot face reality without their chemical crutches.

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author avatar Denise O
11th Sep 2010 (#)

I agree to a certain degree.
I have been taking xanax for many year now. I take a low dose and it is not that I ( and I mean, I) can not handle stress, it is my body that can't and it is my DISEASE that causes this.
I do agree that a lot take the drug to forget and to relieve stress but, like all other things, some of us use it to help us with a disease we have no control in having, while others abuse it.
Good point on those that use it and have no illness though.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
11th Sep 2010 (#)

Yes, Denise, some people have no choice in the matter. Like you, my wife is one of them. She has suffered from clinical depression all her adult life. No one knows why and she's been to more specialists then Carter had little liver pills (I don't know if you are even old enough to remember Carter's Little Liver Pills). I was primarily referring to people who use prescription medication the way many other use alcohol, to escape reality.

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author avatar Carol
11th Sep 2010 (#)

vey helpful, many thanks

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author avatar Pinkchic18
23rd Sep 2010 (#)

Very informational post. I do know someone who is quite dependent on the pills and it's probably a tough one to stop.

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author avatar Kirsten H
29th Sep 2010 (#)

Thoughtful comments from all. This is about abuse, not use of Xanax, which are two entirely different things.

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