Preventive health: How to avoid infection by E. coli bacteria?

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A serious disaster might knock the doors. E.coli bacteria is the new monster that we must get ready for. To avoid infection we can stop eating raw vegetables which is actually unacceptable, or follow some steps to avoid being infected by E.coli bacteria.

Do you know what is the E. coil bacteria?

The E. coli bacteria or what is known as "Cucumber bacteria"which was a direct cause in killing of nearly 16 people and 300 injured in a serious condition so far in Germany. As we know bacterial diseases might spread very fast as many fruits and vegetables are exported and imported. E. coli is a type of bacteria lives in intestines of humans and animals, it might be harmless and live in intestine peacefully, but it might produce a type of poison that causes a deadly disease in humans intestine, and usually people get these bacteria after eating non-cooked meat, or by eating vegetables grown in Contaminated land.

The four basic rules to follow to reduce the risk of being infected by E.coli bacteria

There are some cautions you can take to reduce the risk of being affected by E. coli:
1- Personal hygiene
2- Food store
3- Food Preparation
4- Cooking

1- Personal hygiene
Wash your hands after using the bathroom, before eating and after handling raw meat. That will stop the transfer of bacteria to fresh food or cooked food in advance.

2- Food store
-Make sure to put the temperature of the refrigerator at the correct degree to save food, which ranges between 0-5 degrees Celsius, always remember that bacteria grow with the high temperatures that's why foods must be always kept in the fridge.
- keep the bottles tightly closed.
- Do not eat leftovers, saved more than two days.
- Keep raw meat away from cooked meat.
- Store raw meat at the bottom of the refrigerator "When keeping it up it might drop over food".

3- Preparing food for cooking
- Wash your hands thoroughly before cooking.
- Dry your hands well, remember that wet hands transfer bacteria more easily.
- Use a clean knife to cut specific food. Keep a knife for cutting raw meat.
- Always wash vegetables thoroughly before use.
- Cleaning of the kitchen regularly.

4- Cooking
- Cooking at the right temperature at which bacteria is killed. Food which is not cooked well is a major cause of food poisoning. And must reach 70 degrees Celsius in a period of not less than two minutes to make sure that the bacteria is killed.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
5th Jun 2011 (#)

Well done, thanks for this important article...

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author avatar kafsoa
5th Jun 2011 (#)

You're most welcomed. We need to be aware in summer as bacteria find good conditions to grow.

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author avatar Songbird B
5th Jun 2011 (#)

Good advice, Kafsoa...Hygiene and safe food storage cannot be stressed enough...

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author avatar kafsoa
5th Jun 2011 (#)

We do our best, but if it's our destiny, no body can stop it :)

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