Probiotic or Prebiotic?

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Which one is better for us? Which one has more benefit to our health? Nowadays, prebiotic and probiotic became popular because of their benefit. Both of them claimed that could improve human health and inhibit some diseases. If both are good for our health, could we combine them? Are they have some side effects?


Probiotics are live bacteria in yogurt or dairy products. There are many species of probiotics bacteria, such as Lactobacillus sp, Bifidobacteria sp, etc. These bacteria help improve our health, by managing intestine environment. How that will work?
Everyday we eat many kind of food, maybe most of them are junk food. Delicious but not good enough for our body's health. This kind habit caused the colony's number of good bacteria is lower than harmful bacteria, and caused some digestive disorders like constipation and etc. Probiotic administration helps to handle that's condition. Once probiotics entered digestive system, it will increased good bacteria colony's number and compete with harmful bacteria. So it can improve your health.
In the other side, probiotic needs some requirement to keep their quality. Probiotics bacteria must be kept alive in the storage and during distribution, so temperature must be maintained at certain degree. When these bacteria entered to our digestive system, they must survive pass through stomach acid, and could compete with other bacteria which already in the gut to attached to the attachment site in the gut and also to get source of nutrition. Meanwhile, every individual has different condition, sometimes they will give difference reaction to probiotics.


Prebiotics is a plant fiber which is a nutrition source for good bacteria already in the gut. Our body doesn't digest this fiber, instead the fiber is needed by good bacteria as their growth promoter. If we can get probiotics from diary product such as yogurt, we can get prebiotics from fruits and vegetables. But too much amount of this fiber makes more difficult to digested, therefore there are prebiotic fiber supplement contain common prebiotics such as inulin and oligosaccharides. Sometimes these prebiotics also present in food or drinks products.
How prebiotic help improves our health?
Prebiotics doesn't needed by our body and doesn't digested by our digestive system. These fiber are needed by good bacteria as their source of nutrition. Harmful bacteria can't utilize these fiber as well as good bacteria. Hence harmful bacteria hard to compete with good bacteria in the gut, so colony number of good bacteria will increased. When colony of good bacteria increase, they will improve your health.
Prebiotic supplements are not affected by heat or stomach acid, so it's more efficient. when we consumed prebiotics we nourished good bacteria already in the gut, it sounds better isn't?

By comparing both probiotic and prebiotic, we understand their disadvantages and advantages. Today, there are company who combined both prebiotic and probiotic in foods or drinks products so people can get both of their advantage.
So which one do you prefer? I believe both of them are good for our health, as long as we are consume by the correct dose.


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