Problem Veins: Vein Treatments on the East Coast, Part 1

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Do you know, 50% to 55% of American women and 40% to 45% of American men will likely suffer from vein problems such as these after the age of 50.

Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Problem vein conditions such as Varicose and Spider Veins are a major concern for many patients, in particular for women. These vein conditions typically affect the legs, with spider veins also appearing on the face and possibly the arms. Each has been shown to arise with age, particularly in those whose occupations involve continuous walking or being on their feet for extended periods of time. They are often seen in nurses, teachers, factory workers and similar professions. Although most common with women, men may also experience varicose and spider veins at some point in their lives, usually in later life as they approach middle age. In fact, 50% to 55% of American women and 40% to 45% of American men will likely suffer from vein problems such as these after the age of 50.

Types of Treatment

But for such a troubling condition with such far-reaching effects, what can be done? Depending on the severity of your vein condition, there are several types of treatment we currently provide that have been proven to improve if not eliminate varicose and spider veins altogether.

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

These treatments include Sclerotherapy, which is where a salt solution injected directly into the veins or problem areas. The salt solution irritates the lining of the blood vessels, eventually causing it to collapse in on itself, and for the blood there to clot. Afterwards, the vein will dissolve and become scar tissue, completely healing in relatively short amounts of time. An additional procedure, Ablation, causes the destruction of any defective veins via the use of laser and/or radiofrequency treatments. This line of treatment has become increasingly popular for our patients in recent years, but is arguably not as effective as Sclerotherapy.

Invasive Surgery for Vein Removal Treatment

Invasive surgery is a further option to consider, and can often produce excellent results. If necessary, we will conduct a procedure known as a Phlebectomy or ‘vein stripping’, which is employed to physically remove problem veins so that the tissue can heal naturally, restoring to its original state. These procedures are completely safe and can have transformative effects on the lives of those suffering from varicose and spider veins.

Why to Prefer USA Vein Clinics for Vein Removal Treatment?

USA Vein Clinic is proud to offer our patients two new, convenient locations along the East Coast. For those searching for vein treatment in Florida, we provide a new vein treatment clinic in Miami, where you can consult any number of our physicians regarding your vein conditions. Additionally, to better serve the southeast of the United States, our newest clinic has opened in Atlanta, Georgia. Both our locations are suited to offer you with renowned varicose vein treatment in a designated, modern vein clinic with specialized doctors. From basic consultations to vein procedures, we at USA Vein Clinic are here to serve you.

If you are forced to face problem veins each day and are tired of their painful, uncomfortable side-effects, we offer plenty of solutions for you to consider. Don’t let problem veins win!


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