Proper Care of Bones

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How can you take care of your bones to keep them healthy and strong?


Injuries and diseases can damage bones. Some damages can be repaired but healing may take time. If bone in your arm or leg is in cast, do you think you can play basketball or run a race? Movement becomes limited when bones are damaged. You would not like the idea of being unable to move.


Exercise is any physical activity that improves health. You exercise when you walk, jog, swim or play. Exercise helps maintain the mobility of your joints. It also improves your physical endurance. Your heart and lungs work more efficiently when you exercise.


Too much work or play can make you tired. Feeling tired is a sign that you need rest. You rest when you sit or lie down. In this position your body slow down in their activity. Rest gives your body time to build up energy.

Eat Right

Bones are made mostly of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals make the bones hard and strong. Some foods like milk, cheese and green leafy vegetable are good sources of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin C is also necessary for the growth and health of bones. Oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, guavas and green leafy vegetables contain vitamin C. Also, rickets is caused by the lack of vitamin D. This vitamins can be obtained from milk, eggs, liver and oily fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines. In addition to calcium, phosphorus and vitamins C and D, a normal exposure to sunlight is needed by the body to keep the bones healthy and strong.

Maintain Good Posture

Posture is the position of your body when you are standing or sitting. It is determined by your ability to maintain balance against the force of gravity. There are people with bad posture.

How is your posture?

For a good sitting posture, the body should be laid back in the chair, the limbs aligned and the feet flat on the floor. When you slouch in a chair, your muscles will soon become strained and tense. When you sit with your head hanging forward, your muscles will work harder to keep your body upright. As a result, you will feel tired and stressed.

For a good standing posture, the feet should be comfortably apart. This will help distribute the weight equally on both feet. If you look a standing person from the side, you would see that the ear and the shoulder are aligned. If you look at a standing person from the front or back, you would see that the shoulders, hips and fingertips are more or less aligned, and the back is not too curved. Good posture makes the body function well. It also gives a person poise and confidence. Do you have a good posture? If not, then it is time you start practicing the habit.

Keep safe

Accidents can happen at home, in school or in other places. Many accidents cause bone injuries. Here are some safety precautions you should practice to keep safe from accidents.

1. Keep stairways clear of objects. They might cause you or others to trip.
2. Wipe up water, oil or any liquid spilled on the floor will not be slippery
3. For students, keep your feet out of the aisle.
4. Avoid climbing chairs or boxes to reach objects at high places. For children, have a grown-up get the object for you.
5. Do not get off a moving vehicle.
6. Obey traffic rules at all times.
7. For children, examine your bike or skates and repair any broken parts before you use it.

To end up, regular exercise, rest, sunshine, proper nutrition, good posture and heeding safety precautions keep the bones healthy and strong.

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