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Kids most especially are vulnerable to pinworm infection. Parents must guide them to develop personal hygiene such as to trim fingernails and toenails, take a bath at regular intervals and to wear shoes or slippers. These plus good food such as rice, fish, meat, milk, vegetables, fruits and exercise including the insights and knowledge gained from this article will help develop robust kids free from the negative effects of pinworms.

What pinworms do to you and your kids

Pinworms thrive on food and other particles found on your digestive system. They are parasites because they have no food of their own but are entirely dependent. If your children are infected with pin-worms- they are there in their stomachs feasting and sharing with what food they eat.
When pin-worms are already plentiful, they cause severe infection. They rob you of important nutrients from your food and cause you to lose weight. The same thing happens when your children- who are most vulnerable to pinworm infection- have plenty of pin-worms in their stomachs

Severe pinworm complication

Rare cases of severe pinworm complication do occur in various locations, including the vagina, genital area, liver, salivary glands, male genital tract, lungs, etc. They have also been associated with acute appendicitis, eosinophilic colitis and eosinophilic gastroenteritis Diarrhea due to inflammation of the bowel wall can occur during acute infection. Although pinworms have been found in the region of the appendix, the relationship is most likely incidental.

Pinworms: what and how to see them

Pin-worms are tiny roundworms or parasites that infect your digestive system. They are white slender nematodes with a pointed tail. Adult female pin-worms may be seen with the naked eye in the anal area, but to see their eggs, you’ll need a microscope. Pin-worms appear like a cotton thread.

How to get infected with pinworms

Pin-worms may get into your body through direct contact with contaminated furniture, bedclothes, bedding, towels, toilets, doorknobs, or other objects. The parasite can also be transmitted during sexual contact. Of all age groups, school-aged children are most at risk for pinworm infections. In adults, pinworm infection is most common in parents aged 30-39 years, typically because of transmission from their children aged 5-9 years. You may also be contaminated with the parasites by living with a person who is egg-positive, by eating with dirty hands and by exercising poor personal or group hygiene.

Where pinworms live and where they lay eggs

Pinworms live inside the colon but exit to lay their eggs on the outside of the host’s body, around the anus. The female worm lays her eggs during night time, causing the host to scratch, thus transporting the eggs to infect a new person or re-infect the host.
When the host scratches himself, the microscopic eggs get stuck underneath the fingernails and then find their way back into the human body. Pinworms enter the body by swallowing or inhaling the eggs. The eggs are very resilient and can live on your skin, cloths and toys for up to two weeks.

Pinworms don’t respect sex, race, color or creed

Pinworms don’t respect race or sex. Filipinos, Indonesians, Malaysians, etc , male or female are all prone to be affected by pinworms. Pinworm infection is most common in persons who live in crowded living conditions. The general prevalence of pinworm infection in some regions may be as high as 12%. Pinworm infection is most common in cosmopolitan areas in cool and temperate regions. Egg carrier rates vary by country, from 0.1-98.4%.


You may have pin-worm inside your stomach, if you feel the following symptoms:
1) Itching or prickling pain in the anal area; 2) Restless sleep or difficulty sleeping and 3) Rarely, abdominal discomfort or loss of appetite
Pinworms that inhabit the caecum (the beginning of the large intestine or the big pouch that receives waste materials from the small intestine) and adjacent areas typically cause no symptoms.

Pregnant pinworm laying eggs in the anus causes prickling pain

The primary symptoms of pinworm infection, which include pruritus or a prickling sensation in the perianal (around the anus) area, are produced when a gravid (pregnant) female pinworm migrates to the anal area and inserts her tail pin into the mucosa to lay eggs. It makes jerking motions while depositing the eggs The current thought is that these motions caused the itchings.


• Albendazole (Albenza) or Mebendazole (Vermox), Treatment is with a single dose. Vermox comes in chewable tablet. Medication kills the worms about 95% at the time, but does not kill the eggs. Retreatment in 2 weeks is recommended
• Pin-X (pyrantel pamoate), . They are over-the-counter alternative to vermox that is available as a liquid.
For further details, eradication and control about pinworms, please click:

Video about intestinal worms and parasites


  • Pinworms are common in infants and school aged children
  • or pinworms
  • in anal area
  • kids get pinworms
  • / itchy, irritability. Genital problems
  • are threadlike and occupy the rectum
  • /Pinworm infection occurs when it enters the large intestine and begins to multiply.
  • Daddy, my bum bum is itchy
  • wash hands with soap and water to kill pinworm eggs you can’t see

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