Protein Protects Women’s Health Against Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Sex as they say is a natural act. However, sexually transmitted infections (STI) can ruin women's health as well as men's. A recent discovery shows a protein in a woman's reproductive tract that protects her from STIs.

A natural protection against sexually transmitted infections

The protein is discovered
There are numerous factors associated with contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI). It starts with frequency of sexual encounters, to the precautions used to prevent STIs. A recent discovery in women’s health discovered a protein that helps fight against STIs.

The researchers headed by Prof. Hertzog from the Monash Institute of Medical research said that the protein called Interferon epison or IFNe is produced by the body. What’s interesting is that other proteins associated with immunity are usually produced by the body only after exposure to virus and bacteria. In addition, the researchers found that the production of IFNe is regulated by female hormones. As such, production follows the menstrual cycle of the woman. When the protein is produced by the body, it provides a certain level of protection for the reproductive tract against sexually transmitted infections.

Currently, there are approximately 450 million people with sexually transmitted infection. By studying this protein further, researchers hope to improve women’s health and the fight against STIs. In addition, team hopes to see practical applications of this protein in the fight against HIV and HPV.

Safe sex is still important
Although this is a great discovery when it comes to women’s health; it is by no means a reason to become lax when it comes to protecting one’s self during sexual contact. People actively engaging in unprotected sex are susceptible to sexually transmitted infections. The growing number of cases only points to the fact that many are not cautious with their behaviors and their partners. Moreover, testing for STI’s and STDs are very important especially when one has multiple partners and is active.

Birth control and contraceptives are still important to prevent infections. However, this is a very touchy subject as many groups have different views on this. When in doubt, abstinence is still a better option. I understand that some may not be amenable to this, so I’ll just let you make the decision for your self.

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