Psycho Cybernetics and Replacing A Habit

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What should we do if we are not happy with results we get.

New and cool habit

What lies in the title new and cool habit? I like to use the expression, replacement of habit. All the thing that goes on in changing a habit is, I think everyone’s dream to know, because what we do every day without thinking of it, is a habitual behavior.

Habit are formed through a conscious thinking repetition, I believe every mentor and coach can agree with that statement, repetition is what we all know is necessary for learning, like when a new song from our favorite band is released, we tend to listen to it, one reason is because we like the new material, the other thing is we get to know their material and will be able to sing a long, pretty cool. We also had to watch dad or mom brush their teeths or get help from them to get it done, and eventually, we could do it ourselves.

What should we do when changing a habit, I like to say as Bob Proctor says it, replace the chosen bad one, with a chosen good one, because if we do not choose a good one to replace, the old bad habit is taken over by a new bad habit. And that is not what we want, I believe you agree on that. So to change the habit or replace the habit with the new and good one, many successful people say it takes 30 days or one month.

Back in 1960 a plastic-surgeon named Maxwell Maltz, not very know by public, but had degree in few things. When he performed operations on people that wanted their nose done, or lips or anything on their face etc. when he was done, and the person looked at the result, he noticed that there wasn’t always a change in attitude, some changed and was very happy, and some expressed, there is no change at all. He then began to make a research about attitudes, and he came up with the book, Psycho Cybernetics.

I have read only some of the chapters, and that is because it is in very clear detail on how our self-image is formed and how to change it. Now I’m going to read the book, and post more follow ups on this subject, because it interests me very much.


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