Psychological manifestations of a lung condition

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People who suffer from a lung condition can experience psychological symptoms as well.

Respiratory problems

Many of the dysfunctions of the body stay hidden. That's not the case as far as lungs are concerned. A respiratory problem can be easily recognized in the body language, color of the skin, smell of perspiration, but particularly in the psychological behavior.

Many people who suffer from lung diseases behave awkwardly , they go from "too much" to "too little", from going over the top to inhibitions, therefore they appear as troubled and unbalanced. It is not usual since the internal "fan", the lung is not properly working.

Inhibitions: People who suffer from a lung condition or prone to lung diseases are shy, discreet, almost fearful.They walk slowly and they are far from having the mentality of a winner.They are afraid to bother other people and they have this tendency to go back in their "shell". They are capable of great achievements, but lack of self-confidence blocks their intentions. As a result, they fulfill their longing in dreams. These people are either claustrophobic, agoraphobic or hypochondric. A person who suffers from respiratory problems reduces her vital space.

Excesses: People with a lung condition walk very straight. They occupy their territory, by preventing others to express themselves fully in their presence. They want to own the place and they cannot stand opposition.They love challenges in order to impose themselves more easily. However, their attitude is often misleading , they hide their true nature. In every day life, they boast about their independence, but they show a great need for affection. Behind the domineering look, there is a certain weakness that they try to mask.

They all have several things in common:
*the desire to have an exclusive vital space that they don't want to share with anybody, as a must-have for personal fulfillment.
*lack of self-confidence.
* fear of being dominated, of being "choked" which leads to their own tendency of dominating others. They want to show that they were born to be leaders, by imposing their point of view and their ideas by force.
* fear of confrontation- they avoid aggressive people or situations that involve a certain conflict.
*Hiding in their own shell, a small shelter where they feel safe.
*fear of being bothersome.
*being dependent on stronger people in order to feel secure. They are short of breath and with no energy and they need support to move on.
*fear of drowning or suffocation.
*Being extremely accommodating- people who suffer from a lung condition can be very devoted and generous. This is a sort of repayment for those who stood by them when they were weak and insecure.
*need for affection- physical handicap usually involves an increased desire of emotional warmth, of affection and understanding.Sick people have the tendency to complain in order to be comforted and to "force" others to sympathize with them.


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Interesting article, Emanuela...Thank you for sharing this with us.. Very thought provoking page..

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