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Not all Psychopaths are serial Killers, many are successful Members of Society

The Facts

Most psychopaths never killed anyone.
Not physically.

They gain pleasure by hurting other people; hurting them emotionally, mentally, economically. They gain pleasure by oppressing people. By bending them to their will.

The ability to mentally or emotionally abuse other people is enough satisfaction so they don’t have to get their hands dirty.

Psychopaths seem to fit into society and many are extremely successful. This is because they are not hobbled by emotions, a sense of right or wrong, or any of the restrictions others perceive.

They can do anything and do not ever feel remorse because they are incapable of feeling remorse.

The Guy Sitting Next To You

Unlike a wacko like Charles Manson who is a text book example of a psychopath, most will not be diagnosed as they never attract that kind of interest.

They will never see the inside of a mental institution as they fit so well into society.

Robert Hare, considered the expert in psychopathy, created this twenty point check list.

One doesn’t need to have all of these traits, but having at least ten are clear signs that this is deviant mentality

Check List

Item 1 Glibness/superficial charm

Item 2 Grandiose sense of self-worth

Item 3 Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom

Item 4 Pathological lying

Item 5 Cunning/manipulative

Item 6 Lack of remorse or guilt

Item 7 Shallow affect

Item 8 Callous/lack of empathy

Item 9 Parasitic lifestyle

Item 10 Poor behavioural controls

Item 11 Promiscuous sexual behaviour

Item 12 Early behaviour problems

Item 13 Lack of realistic long-term goals

Item 14 Impulsivity

Item 15 Irresponsibility

Item 16 Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Item 17 Many short-term marital relationships

Item 18 Juvenile delinquency

Item 19 Revocation of conditional release

Item 20 Criminal versatility

Pleasure From Your Pain

J.D. is a psychopath. He has never killed anyone; physically.

He has left a lifetime of destruction behind him, from ruining his sibling’s relationship with their parents, to interfering in the love affairs of his so-called friends.

He has gotten people to lose their jobs, lose their homes, and he sits back as if watching a pleasant pasture.

He can not feel. He does not use 'feel' words unless one prompts him or he is alerted that they are expected.

With a deep contempt for people, he relishes how easy they are to manipulate.
How so few people have ever questioned the lies he has told.

With pride he describes how he destroyed a 'friends' marriage by a few veiled remarks suggesting the wife was unfaithful.

He boasts about "turning my idiot sister against our mother so that I became the only one who cared about her, so she left me the bulk of her property".

Not that he needs the value as he is an extremely successful businessman.

The Boss From Hell

M.L. is a psychopath. He runs an office. He runs an office as a slave master ran a plantation. All of his ‘slaves’ are treated with varying degrees of contempt.

He demands that everyone be at work at 8:30. On some occasions he does not arrive until 9:30. No one can get into the office until he arrives. He practically has orgasm seeing them lined up on the road.

On occasion he will arrive at 8:00 and watch the clock so he can berate anyone who is five minutes late.

When he doesn’t want to pay a staff member, he has all sorts of excuses, from breaking a computer to taking a sick day, because he gets pleasure out of knowing he holds them to ‘ransom’.

He behaves as if he is brilliant, stealing the work of others and taking credit for it. He has a way of entering a room in this mock humble style. And is always late.

The world must wait for him.

He doesn’t want to hear the sound of of other’s voices. People bore him. Everything bores him except the gal he hasn’t has sex with yet.

Although married and a father many times, he goes after homely females because they are easy. Having sex with women is important to him. Cheating on his wife means nothing to him.

He will lie, he will trick, he will create burdens for his staff. He will insult, he will demean, and it doesn’t matter that urgent work is sitting while he spews his venom. The most important thing in his life is hurting other people, not the work.

Nothing is his fault. He will blame everyone else. He will recreate reality to exonerate him.

He steps on people and doesn’t expect them to react.

Every Day People

Comparing the behaviour of a boss from hell to the psychopath, the terrifying facts are not lost on the psychiatric community. There are far more psychopaths than we have come to assume.

As portrayed in J.D. , the behaviour is not unusual. Many of us can point to the evil lie that was told to us or about us upon which we or others acted. Many of us have been tricked by those we trusted who show no remorse.

M.L., the Boss From Hell is a psychopath. He tortures his staff, forces them to quit, and even though his business will suffer, he doesn’t care.

Just because they didn't kill ten people or cannibalise their roommate does not mean they are not. It just means they get their pleasure from their oppression of others.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
28th Oct 2015 (#)

It s rather bizarre but there are quite a few bosses and managers that sabotage their employees for a feeling of power even though it hurts their business in the end.

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author avatar Poh Tiong Ho
28th Oct 2015 (#)

They can sabotage the employees because the companies don't belong to them. They are also employees. and they are mentally unbalanced.

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author avatar kaylar
28th Oct 2015 (#)

Precisely. I could give you names. The need to oppress over writes the need for a business to function at optimum capacity.

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author avatar BNelson
29th Oct 2015 (#)

As you said they may not ever be diagnosed because they never do anything serious enough to get bigger attention but I do believe you are right that these people get their thrills by hurting others to no end.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar kaylar
30th Oct 2015 (#)

Demeaning people, hurting them, no matter what it ultimately costs is their pleasure

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