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Sweet and sour: Pucker those pores and zap that bacteria with all-natural-you-probably-have-in-the-kithcen-now ingredients! Honey and lemons.

The Sweet....Honey: the other antibacterial....

Honey is a natural antibacterial, which makes it a perfect natural to use on your face for acne, blackheads, and any other skin problems that are caused or exacerbated by bacteria on and in the skin.
From Hippocrates' zits to modern day acne, honey has been and is beneficial and works on skin infections and wounds better and safer than physician perscribed antibiotics....and what is a pimple or blackhead, other than a skin wound? Especially after we have picked and poked at it to the point it forms a scab!

The Sour....Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

Tell your pores to pucker up! The citrc acid in lemons is a natural antibacterial, helps to remove excess oils, and helps to kill the bacteria that is repsonsible for acne breakouts.
As the lemon is debriding and cleansing your pores, it is also "puckering" them up to make them appear smaller.
An added benefit is it helps to shough off old, dead skin cells so you also have the benefit of a natural exfoliant.

Simple, Yet So Effective

How to get all the benefits? Simple.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon into a small bowl.
Use a cotton ball or cotton swab to apply all over the face. (Be careful around the eyes...it STINGS)
Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

This will cleanse and clear the way for the honey to get to the pores, get in there and really get to work.

Then, put about 3 tablespoons honey into a small bowl. To make it easier to apply, microwave it for 3 SECONDS AT A TIME until it is a more manageable consistency, to make it more spreadable.
Apply all over the face with your finger tips (it's easier to apply the honey with your fingers rather than cotton balls....sticky!)
Let sit for 15 minutes....THEN....take a cotton ball saturated in the lemon juice, and start wiping your face until the honey is a little loose.
Now, rinse your face completely, going from warm water to cold.
Pat your face dry, and look in the mirror and enjoy!


Rubbing a section of lemon specifically on darks spots/discolorations will help to lighten them naturally.


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