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Time is always moving us forward to see more of the precious moments that lie within change, so don't waste time holding on to an outmoded rut. This is just a reminder to not rush your time and overlook all of the precious things life brings. Time moves quickly creating change and without a conscious balance of ones time the good stuff gets lost in amongst the hands as times change.

Precious Time

The world is in such a rush yet going nowhere fast. What's the rush? To call it a day, followed by a similar replay. Time is precious so don't rush it away, but in the process don't waste it away. A fine balance is needed in this place called time for the rush of today can change in a blink of an eye. Without change time feels like a rut, going through the same motions not seeing all the good stuff. Nothing stays completely the same and what once appeared significant does not hold the same value and previous meaning for change has appeared. Time means change which is actually good because without change there is not life and that can be forgotten or misunderstood. So don't rush for what later won't matter, recognize what the change is trying to present, revealing the course that time knows will matter. See the truly significant things that blossom with time and grow from the changes for then you'll reach your purpose in this place of time. Time is a gift not meant to be wasted and it is amazing in a unique cool way because we all are given this gift and precious gifts all along the way. When time is placed into one basket you by pass all the moments that time wants you to see. Change brings an end and it's those precious moments experienced that blossom you forward to some of the best days of your life you have yet to find and see. Holding the hands still that are naturally moving forward is a challenge you won't win and regret will be what last forever after. Goals do take effort and are rewarding when reached, but a beaten course that brings mostly remorse is how you know that area of your time needs adjusting, for it's swallowing you and becoming a waste of your time. Standing back observing all the actions can bring a new perspective and better course of action. We want time to make our own changes, but often life crumbles with enormous changes because it knows the right timing and you fail to see, so it takes a little more pushing by crumbling for you to proceed. Time don't want you to miss all the precious moments it offers and it pushes ones growth, but not so fast that you by pass those moments that lie all along your pathway. Responsibilities go without saying, but it's those precious brief moments felt that are for the long term taking. Live life to it's fullest for it offers so many precious things and if it has lost a positive rhythm take a relaxing deep breath and then you'll see what time keeps revealing that are the long term precious things. Make time for the adjustments that establish life's balance for it fills the future with those things that so matter. Don't rush, but don't wait, just set a healthy pace, so in-hindsight there's more moments than waste. Take your time to gain your perspective then grasp the right timing and follow through with who and what truly matters. Life provides the right timing even if timing appears off. Don't rush and don't waste, take in change and allow the growth to guide you to your purpose and meaningful new place. Timing is everything and nature knows, so be aware of your surroundings, it's holding the precious things life is trying to get you to unfold.


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