Quick Facts That You Must Know About The Life Threatening Dengue Fever

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Dengue fever is one such chronic condition that occurs due to 4 similar viruses that are spread by the mosquitoes called genus Aedes. This type of fever is highly noticed in the tropical and subtropical areas worldwide

Quick Facts That You Must Know About The Life Threatening Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a chronic condition which gets trigger by different mosquito species within the genus Aedes. This type of fever is life-threatening if proper action is not taken or no medicines are provided for it. This fever comes with some sort of severe painful symptoms for which to deal with it certainly you need to seek for doctor’s advice. This is a mosquito-borne tropical disease and is obviously caused due to dengue virus. This type of disorder typically comes in many different body parts and if it reaches the brain then a person my go ion coma as well.
What is dengue fever?
Also known as break bone fever, this fever is the result of different mosquito’s virus. There are five types of virus to notice. However, the infection with one type gives lifelong immunity to that particular infection. While the short term immunity gives life to others. However, this risk of infection increases with the severe complications. The sad part is so far no exact vaccination has been found however to prevent the individual form such type of fever, certainly there are certain hygienic condition that are being maintained and followed at a large scale. To cure it there is no exact treatment but to stay predicted forms it. A good hygienic condition and cleanliness around the surrounding matters the most.
Facts to know about dengue fever
This type of diseases is caused due to certainly family virus of the mosquitoes. There are many common yet painful symptoms that you may notice which includes muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, fever headache. If you notice any sort of headache along with rash then chances are high that you are more prone to dengue fever. Dengue is generally found in tropics and subtropics an there are no specific medicine or antibiotic to treat such type of issue. Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) generally affects children below 10 years of age. To control this type of issue, all you need is eradication of the mosquitoes that carry such virus.
Symptoms of Dengue Fever
Generally you many not notice the Symptoms of Dengue Fever. However, it becomes noticeable after four to six days that the infection has come which last up for around 10 days or more. Sometime, these symptoms can be easily noticed which includes:
• Sudden, high fever
• Severe headaches
• Pain behind the eyes
• Severe joint and muscle pain
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Skin rash
• Mild bleeding
Symptoms can be mild or the affecting one. However, it could be pretty much difficulty for you to understand at first whether it is some kind of viral infection, merely flu or actually the sign of dengue fever. Though its effects can be seen by the damaging caused to blood vessels and high fever with enlargement of liver, you certainly need to ensure that soon after you notice any such type of symptoms, you visit your doctor.
To diagnose dengue infection, a blood test is performed to check if there is any sort of antibodies or virus available other than this. While to treat dengue, you are advised to drink lots of water and avoid any sorts of medicine like aspirin. Besides, if you are in extreme pain, you need of take pain relievers with acetaminophen

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