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Looking for the best ways to have the gorgeous abs you've ever wanted? Find it here. Take time to read and apply.


To have and maintain abs require discipline in any aspect. Foods, exercises, and even leisures.

Right Diet

FRUITS. To prevent stomach bulge, you should be particular with the foods you eat. Junk foods contain saturated fat and refined sugar contributing to a fat belly. Instead, it is better to eat fruits which provide the same energy from natural sugar.

WATER. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water facilitates metabolism and flushing of toxins inside your body. Don't forget to hydrate your body esp that exercise makes you sweat. Get rid of alcohol which causes dehydration.

Low fat, low carbs, high protein diet will absolutely lead you to that gorgeous abs you've ever wanted.

Small frequent diet of this kind is much more ideal to remain energized without leaving traces of fats on your belly.


Tighten up your abs as often as you can. Posture Contributes to the well-shaped abs. Chin up, chest out, and stomach in would make you feel the tense on your abdominal mucles.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Practicing a very good posture every day will make it easier and quicker for you to reach the desired abs.

Quality Exercise

Don't forget that toning your muscles esp your abs don't just depend on the abs intensive.

Remember that it's not the quantity or the reps of the exercise but the quality. You must feel the tense on the appropriate areas of the muscles being worked up if you do it right.

Cardiovascular-Muscle Building-Abs Intensive

Cardio exercises. Running, walking, or with the aid of equipments such as treadmill will make your body have a good circulation and will keep your metabolic rate high. This is the best time of burning fats on your body.

Upper Abs. Crunches. Basic crunch. Put your hands behind your head with elbows facing out. Bend your knees. Move your upper body up to meet your knees. Twist crunch. The same set-up, but your right shoulder should be facing your left knee as you attempt to get up. Do the same on the other side.

Lower Abs. Hanging Leg Raises. Lie your back and lift your legs slowly without putting them back to the floor. Do it for couple of times. This strengthens your muscles while crunches tone up your abdominal muscles.

Oblique. Side Bends. This focuses on your lateral abdominal muscles. Stand straight with arms relaxed on your side. Bend sideways. Attempt to reach your shoulder down until such point where you can't bend further. Inhale, hold your breath and get back to the original position. Do it couple of times and do the same with the other side.

After gaining the knowledge, it's about time for the application. Get up and try it yourself. Don't forget to enjoy your individually-made-up program. Do it slowly until such time you can manage a fast pace.


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