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Find out some risk about smoking, reasons for quiting and the how to prepare of quitting smoking.

Quitting is a Good Medicine

The risk of lung cancer for ex-smoker drops to as much as 1/2 that of continuing smoker, after 10 years. The risk continues to decline with additional years of staying smoke free. For people with heart disease, quitting smoking reduces the risk of repeat attacks and death from heart disease by 50% or more. People who quit smoking live longer than those who continue to smoke. For people with ulcer, quitting smoking reduces the risk of recurrence and improves short- term healing.

Quit for health

People with poor blood circulation in the legs, quitting smoking improve the ability to exercise and increases overall survival. Men and women, who quit at ages 65 to 69, increase their life expectancy by one year. After 15 years off cigarettes, the risk of death for ex- smokers returns to nearly the level of persons who have never smoked.

Ways to cut down your smoking day by day

Decide to cut down by a certain number of cigarettes per day, and increase your reduction by that number each succeeding day. Postpone the first cigarette of the day by an hour, and extend that time daily. Make it hard to get and smoke a cigarette. Choose a method of quitting. Look for the most successful, but gradual approach is fine. If you always have a smoke with you coffee, switch to tea, juice or soda.

Preparing to quit

1. Ask yourself 3 key questions:
How much do I smoke?
Why do I smoke?
What will be my most difficult hurdle in quitting?
2. If you’re feeling ambivalent about quitting, ask yourself whom you want most - to smoke or to stop.
3. Make list of things you like to buy yourself or someone else. Estimate the cost in terms of packs of cigarettes, and put the money aside to buy these presents.

On the day you quit

1. Throw away all the cigarettes and matches. Hide lighters and ashtrays.
2. Visit the dentist and have your teeth cleaned to get rid of the tobacco stains, Notice how nice they look, and resolve to keep them that way.
3. Change to a brand you don’t like. Buy only one pack at a time.
4. Keep busy on the big day. Go to movies, exercise, take long walks, go bike riding.
5. Do something for your body. Get back in to shape. Exercise is a great for relaxation.
6. Call up your friends and tell them you’re going to quit. Choose to tell friends who offer only positive reinforcement.
7. If you quit for one day, you can quit for another day. Try it.
8. Save all the money you would have spent on cigarettes and buy your self something. You deserve it.
9. If you break down and have cigarette, do not give up. Some people take several tries before they make it.

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my internet connections is very slow. and i was tempted to light my cigarette. i already consumed 5. but when i read your article, i suddenly think twice.

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Thank You for this informative articles.

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