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We all love to eat great desserts, but seem to worry so much about calories, sugar, fat, etc. I decided to do something some people are scared to do. I decided not to use any sugar, but instead find naturally sweet ingredients such as apples, oranges, honey, pineapples strawberries, etc.

Homemade REAL Fruit Oatmeal Cookies

A special blend of sweet, tart (lemon, lime, etc) and spices left me with an interesting taste mixed with my cheesecake base. Along with using low or non fat ingredients, I top them off with fresh fruit and make them perfectly portioned to ensure a very low calorie count, yet filling.

When I tell people before hand how they are made, they never want to taste them, in fear they will not be sweet or good. However when I just let people taste them FIRST, then tell them how they are made, they are AMAZED that I have not added powdered or granulated sugars or the normal "fatty" things found in traditional cheesecake, but STILL has an amazing taste.

Introducing..........Unique Treats!!!

Our pledge is to try to the best of our ability to ONLY use products that have ingredients in them that we can pronounce and can clearly define. If ingredients used in baking products can not be found in a common kitchen, we try to find an alternative healthier decision. Let us be able to let you try these fantastic HEALTHY treats and PROVE you can eat good and not worry! And also provide FREE oatmeal and granola cookie samples with ALL orders! We do that now, with NO order required :)

We also make:
-Cheesecake Covered Strawberries
-Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies
-Peach Oatmeal Cookies
-Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies
-Mixed Berry Oatmeal Cookies
-Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies
-Strawberry Peach Oatmeal Cookies
-Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Cookies
-Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
-Cranberry Oatmeal
-Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies
-Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies


With your help, you can help us experiment with various berries to create new and exotic fruit berry flavors and safely store the below dried berry and fruit products. This will allow us to incorporate these amazing, hard to find berries into our amazing cookies and cheesecake snacks, broadening our cookie and snack choices. We want to include and use the following "freezed" and naturally dried berries and fruit to our cookies and treat;

Goji berries
Star Fruit

We have a legitimate, trust-worthy dried fruit source that has been in business for over 30 years and provides high quality, delicious, dried fruits and baking products.

We seem to already have the clientele and stumbled upon everyone quite accidental or through parties and gatherings. Everyone is asking me to make these treats and I no longer wish to complete small cookie orders from my home. I would like to register my business successfully, get liability insurance and all necessary permits, proper food labeling/storage and licenses to operate mobile or from my home legitimately, therefore I can do deliveries, and large catering orders, sharing these wonderful healthy treats with more individuals!

A batch of 100 simple cookies for samples would only cost roughly $20 to make. (Coupons and rewards go a long way). Out of those 100 samplers, I am sure at LEAST 40 of them will be interested in my cookies and treats on repeat orders. That's the given minimum. I leave room for people with allergies, different taste buds and other things I may not have thought about. But thus far, everyone who has actually tasted anything I have made, has asked me to make them more. I WANT people to try healthier fruits without the risk of spending too much money and learn that natural products can be enjoyed just as much as fatty, unhealthy foods, if not more.

We plan to keep it basic, baking in small batches and mainly focusing on cheesecake treats and oatmeal cookie bases with various dried fruits/toppings that are easy to store and purchase, year round. Phone orders and deliveries can be arranged, giving individuals an option to build their own cookies and request certain baking products be used and/or substituted at no additional charge for various ingredients.

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