Read Something Inspiring - What an Inspirational Thought for July 1st

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You should regularly be reading things that inspire you to take that extra step, to be a more complete you. Books are a great source of knowledge, yet in reading books today we are not limited to their paper form. The point though is to be inspired.

Taking the Time to Read

One of the biggest challenges for the majority of the human population of the planet is that they do not take the trouble to take reading seriously. All too often people read just what is necessary to get by in life. To me one of the greatest pleasure in life is the acquisition of knowledge, most of this come from well researched "books"; although today books are not limited to publication on paper, we can read through e-book readers, via the internet, or even on our mobile phones.

There is so much material available for our consumption that we could never read it all in our lifetime.

Generally books bring greater understanding, they bring knowledge, they bring ideas, and they bring with them wisdom, all wrapped up in a small leather bound volume.

Pulp Fiction

The majority of all published books are fictional in nature and the majority of these could so easily be classified as pulp fiction; the type of fiction that would probably be better left in the trash can. Of course you will probably argue that your favourite author is the exception and they may be. The thing about fictional material is that have little real benefit.

Yes it makes a great thing to read in a free afternoon, it helps relax you and take you mind off your personal troubles, but it does not help improve you, except possibly by improve your understanding of how published writers deploy the art of writing. There can be nothing like a great classic, but sadly the majority of fiction published today will be forgotten in 20, 50, or 100 years.

When I go through the bookstore I tend to ignore the pulp fiction and either look for something with staying power or that which brings with it knowledge and a greater understanding of the world around us; which is also one of the reasons why I prefer to look at more factual offerings.

Non-Faction - The Search for the Missing Link

Given the variety of topics that can be written about in this day and age it is clear that no subject is taboo, other than in closed minded societies.

non-fiction is the one area where no matter how hard you seek there is always more knowledge to be attained in any given area of research. There is no such person who knows "all there is to know" no matter how hard you try there is something else to learn.

One key factor about factual (or non-fiction) works is that the majority of the people that we view in the world as "successful" generally read this type of book.

You should regularly read something that inspires you, it should spur you to action, spur you to improve, challenge you and make you take that extra step.

Recent Inspirational Thoughts

This series of inspirational thoughts for each day are intended a an encouragement for personal improvement. They are intended to give you the necessary support you the support you need along the long and complex path on which you travel. Think of them as a guide to action, it is through your choices you are able to assist others

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author avatar Ramalingam
2nd Jul 2012 (#)

Inspirational.Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
4th Jul 2012 (#)

Thank you, Peter. Good advice for me and appreciated.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
4th Jul 2012 (#)

Well done1

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