Real Reasons Behind Holiday Weight Gain

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Most people gain more weight around the holidays because they are surrounded by tempting treats as well as "food pushers" who insist they indulge. How to avoid holiday weight gain.

Beating the holiday diet traps

Most people pack on the pounds during holiday parties. Who couldn't resist Grandma's sugar cookies and Aunt Betty's sweet potato casserole?
It's frustrating to be on a diet during the holidays. I've discovered a few tricks for combating the most common causes behind holiday weight gain.

Large crowds of people
Experts say you eat more food when you are around more people. If you eat with just one other person, you consume 35 percent more food. Individuals in a party of four eat 75 percent more. During holiday parties, when you are eating with 7 or more people. you are likely to eat 96 percent more food than you would if you ate by yourself. The solution is to eat at home and sip on unsweetened tea or other sugar-free drinks at parties. Drink carbonated water with lemon.

Food pushers
Everyone knows a person who insists you eat their homemade goodies or they pout like a spoiled child on Christmas morning who didn't receive the favorite toy. Food pushers receive their validation by other people complimenting their cooking. Go to great lengths to compliment their hair, clothing or other talents.

Winter weather
People do gain weight during the cold weather, but not because it's cold outside. In fact, cooler weather helps your body lose weight. The real problem is a lack of sunshine, which depresses people. They turn to food for comfort. Exercise can increase endorphins to combat the urge to overeat during the winter.

Not having a plan
A lot of people follow specific diet plans during the summer. But they decide to "go off their diets" for the holidays. Instead of heading into the holidays without a diet plan, devise a plan that is realistic. Maybe your plan is to have a protein shake for breakfast, but eat one small plate at a holiday party and go for long runs on the weekend. Stick with a plan that has worked in the past or find other successful dieters to mirror.


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12th Oct 2011 (#)

Terrific weight loss article!!! You are one of the greatest writers I know!!! Love watching you soar, you make writing look easy.

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12th Oct 2011 (#)

So true and great holiday dieting tips!! :-) Welcome to Wikinut!

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12th Oct 2011 (#)

Wonderful to see you, and very informative and helpful article, thank you and welcome to Wikinut Laura!

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