Reasons Why Milk Is Bad For You - And The Reasons Why It's Actually Good

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Reasons why milk is good or bad. Each point is explained why milk is beneficial for health and why not? Check it out.

Reasons Why Milk Is Bad For You - And The Reasons Why It's Actually Good

Is milk bad for you? There are lots of talk these days saying that it is. The drink that has been the source of the many nutrients our grandparents needed, as the experts say now, is not good for us. There are lots of reasons that they already have come up, allegedly backed by intensive study and researches. Let's take a closer look at these reasons, and see if it's actually true.

Milk does not help protect bones, it actually makes them more brittle. It does not hurt to come up with new studies and suggest a totally different hypothesis than the one that we're used to. Yet it has always been a general fact that milk is a food that is the best source of calcium and vitamin D. Everyone knows that calcium and vitamin D are what our bones need in order for them to become stronger. We also agree that too much of everything is bad, and so, a glass or two of milk a day do not generally hurt and therefore, couldn't be bad for you.

Cow's milk contains lactose, and most people suffer from lactose intolerance. Stomach pains, vomiting and nausea are just some of the symptoms that lactose intolerance can bring, and these uneasy feelings are really no joke. Well, if you do not exactly trust cow's milk, there are available alternatives that you can use. There's soy milk, which is lactose-free, and therefore it can be tolerated by your digestive system.

Milk contains cholesterol. High cholesterol is bad news, and this should be avoided by the adults as much as possible. If you think you cannot drink milk because of this, then where are you going to get the nutrients you need from it? Surely you would choose to drink a glass of milk over eating a cup and a half of fresh and uncooked broccoli? A glass of milk a day should do it, to maintain your cholesterol level at the minimum. Besides, there's always the non-fat milk that you could always go to if really can't keep yourself from drinking milk.

Cow's milk are packed with antibiotics. Naturally, farm animals are packed with boosters and enhancers so that the hogs could produce good products. If you are too conscious about what's in your milk, you can always have the alternatives--soy milk and almond milk is available. Besides, if you'd come to think of it, tis drink is much healthier as compared to drinking soda and artificial fruit juices.

Milk can cause weight gain. Maybe because they say it's packed with saturated fat, and so, people have concluded that this drink makes you gain weight. Yet, if milk actually causes undesirable weight gain, then why do athletes use it as their energy drink? Everyone is fully aware that athletes have to keep themselves fit and healthy. It turns out that, chocolate milk has the better capacity to help athletes re-energize and re-hydrate after a tough workout. In fact, the United States Olympic Swim Team uses chocolate milk as their energy drink.

Milk increases your risk of having cancer. Ovarian cancer and prostate cancer are said to be possible consequences of milk consumption. Of course, no one wants to have cancer. Yet, if drinking milk causes cancer, then why is it that there are lots of people who claim that those who drink milk actually live longer? Studies show that those who drink milk regularly have lower their risk of getting heart attack, the number one cause of death among adults in the United States.

Milk causes allergies. Asthma and other form of allergies are said to be triggered by milk consumption. Although milk contains certain allergens, again, substituting cow's milk with soy milk or almon milk doesn’t hurt. Another thing is that, if milk is bad for you, then moms wouldn't have allowed their infants drink their milk, right. Milk is practically the first food that's been introduced to us, and if it's really bad, then there must be something wrong with all of us now.

With the kind of environment we have these days, where people continuously acquire unknown diseases, new studies have been conducted in order to determine their causes. Milk, unfortunately, is being pointed out as one of the many culprits for the condition that people are going through. Yet, even if they say that milk is does not really do good for you, you should always stick to the fact that milk, is indeed good. Your grandparents have enjoyed life as much, and as long as they can, because they included milk in their diets. It has always been there, even during the ancient times. It couldn't be that bad, right? So if you encountered a question is milk is bad for you? You know that you most certainly have the right answers.


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