Reasons and signs of fetal mortality

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It can be defined as death of fetus or neonate and is calculated by number of still births and miscarriages per thousand conceptions.

Reasons and signs of fetal mortality

Fetal mortality rates Defined:
It can be defined as death of fetus or neonate and is calculated by number of still births and miscarriages per thousand conceptions. Fetal mortality is a major, but often overlooked, public health problem. It refers to spontaneous intrauterine death at any time during pregnancy
Classifications: Early death while embryo is in process of becoming a fetus (perinatal early fetal mortality) and later death when a child is still born (perinatal later fetal death).

Perinatal Early mortality: is where in death of a fetus after 20 weeks of gestation or 500 gm happens i.e. an early death. This can happen due to miscarriage,Causes of miscarriages: There can be more than one reason for this, some of them are as followed:-
• Consumption of alcohol and drugs during pregnancy.
• Old age or an early pregnancy.
• Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and STDs.

Perinatal late mortality: This includes still births and miscarriage at later stages of pregnancy; like in 20-27 week of gestation. It can be further divided into pre-labor death and during labor death.
Reasons for still births: There can be number of factors contributing to stillbirths. Most common ones are listed below:-
• Problems with the placenta and eclampsia.
• Irregularities or abnormalities in the baby.
• Prematurely rupture of membrane that encloses the baby.
• Infection and accidents with the umbilical cord .
Stillbirth - the statistics then: During the period 1995-1999, Sudden Infant Death rate was more in baby boys than baby girls. During that time,
• 60% of all SIDs occurred amongst boys, whilst boys accounted for 51% of all live births.
• Notably, SID rate was highest where children were mothers conceived and became pregnant before they were 20.
• SID rate was higher for babies weighing 1.500-1.999 grams, which then decreased with increasing birth weight.
• The SID rate for babies born within a marriage where it was the mother's first birth was 64% lower than the overall SID rate.

Still birth statistic now: report recently published by the United Nation's World Health Organization (April 2011) which studied the incidence of stillbirths in various nations says
• Stillbirth rated 5.1 per 1,000 total births in 2008. About 1 in every 200 babies was stillborn.
• Continuing improvement in stillbirth rates among twin births have been noticed, with a rate of 11.2 per 1,000 total births.
• improvements in reporting and analysis of available histology, post-mortem reports and pregnancy records has allowed the proportion of unexplained stillbirths reduced to 23%, when it was previously around 50%.
Signs of fetal mortality: decrease in movement can be an indication that something might be wrong with a fetus; if one notices that baby is moving significantly less than usual or not at all, it calls for a guard. Other signs could be:
• Unusual vaginal bleeding. If the bleeding is accompanied by a lack of movement by the fetus.
• Mild to severe back pain and cramping is another common warning sign.
• decrease in pregnancy side effects

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